P6NM Friday 11th September 2020

Good afternoon Everyone.

We have had a great week in P6NM and have been busy setting up our Learning Stories for P6. These have been sent home today so please check school bags! We hope that you enjoy looking over the Newsletter for this term and the targets. Once you have done this, please return the Learning Stories so that we can start to put evidence of learning in.

A few reminders:
  • We are outdoors every afternoon so please remember a jacket!
  • Please label all jumpers/cardigans as we no longer have access to a lost property box.
  • In March, when the school closed we sent home packs of resources. Many of these have been returned, thank you. We are particularly keen to use the smart pals (clear folders which you can slip A4 sheets into) so if you still have these at home could you please send them back in. Thank you!

Here is a summary of our learning this week.


We have been learning to round numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000.

Here is a poster which is useful to refer to.

We have also been using rounding to estimate an answer to a calculation. For example:

51 + 78 will be roughly 50+80=130

792 – 323 will be roughly 800 – 300 = 500

We also looked at the RUCSAC technique which helps us to solve word problems. Click on the link below to download a poster explaining this method.


Opportunities for home learning:
  • Give yourself a budget (e.g. £5) Ask an adult to give you 3 items to search for using supermarket prices online. Find the total cost of 3 items then calculate the change you would receive (if any) from your budget. Make this more difficult by adding more items or changing your budget.
  • Challenge yourself with funny puzzles using your home environment. For example, ‘What is the number of doors in your house multiplied by your favourite number then divided by your age?’.
  • Use Daily 10 on the Top Marks website to practise the concept of rounding. There are different levels so choose the appropriate level of challenge.




Our spelling pattern this week has been soft c.

  • c is soft (saying s) when it comes after e, i, y
  • ce and ci are more commonly used in the middle of words than se and si


We had two opportunities for story writing this week. The first was an adventure story based on a short text called ‘Mission Possible’ which we read and analysed. The class came up with fantastic character names for the spies and the ‘baddies’ in their stories. I really enjoyed reading them! The second was an imaginative story based on a picture stimulus. The picture had the title ‘Time stood still but for all but one man…’ There were some very imaginative ideas in the stories!


We are nearing the end of our class novel ‘A Kind of Spark’ and are still really gripped by it. We have had some very in depth discussions about the issues raised in the book.

Opportunities for home learning:
  • Reading homework (please check reading records!)
  • Revise this week’s spelling words by creating your own word search or use this link to get you’re a computer to do it for you:


Ideas for writing activities related to our class novel:

  • Have you ever felt sorry and wanted to apologise for what you had done but the other person wouldn’t listen or talk to you? Use these ideas to write an apology letter from Nina to Addie to apologise for all the issues/hurt they have both gone through.
  • What advice would you give Addie about how to deal with Miss Murphy? Imagine you’re an agony aunt and Addie has written to you to explain her teacher seems to hate her and mistreats her. What would your reply be?

Other areas of the curriculum:

  • We have been developing our fitness in outdoor PE lessons.
  • We enjoyed working with different partners in outdoor learning activities such as making maths puzzles using natural materials.
  • We enjoyed using the laptops to log into teams with our new passwords.

Have a great weekend,

Mrs McFarlane