Our Learning in P6NM 18.9.20

Another very busy week!


This week we finished our class novel ‘A Kind of Spark’. We really enjoyed learning about the main character Addie, who is autistic. We agreed that we all admire her resilience and persistence when faced with a problem. We analysed her character traits and used evidence from the text to explain our reasoning.

We have now started a new novel called ‘Friend or Foe’ by Michael Morpurgo. It is set in World War 2 and follows the story of a boy called David when he is evacuated to the countryside. A home learning opportunity could be to find out more about the evacuations during Word War 2.

Our spelling this week focussed on the rule: tion says /shun/ in the final syllable.  This is the most regularly used spelling of the sound /shun/ as a final syllable. 

election ignition education attention friction invitation operation condition question creationnation relation solution fiction caution function addition ambition pollution reputation  assumption corruption ammunition aspiration illumination conversation presentation precipitation investigation concentration  

Can you find more examples of these words?

Our group reading homework is due for Tuesday 22nd September, please see the reading record for pages to be read.

We learned how to make a time line in Microsoft word. We mapped out the key events in our class novel and added these to the template. We will be using this skill again soon with our group novels. You can practice this at home by following this link with instructions:



In Numeracy we applied our knowledge of rounding to real life contexts and word problems such as football stadium capacities and distances between countries. If you would like to investigate this further, you could research the populations of different countries and round these to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. Try to think of some calculations you could use these numbers for. Such as calculating the difference between the most and least populated country on your list.

We were also introduced to the rule of the order of operations (BODMAS) and have been applying this to some simple calculations.

Other areas of the curriculum

– we were introduced to Carl Linnaen and his work on classifying animals

– learned about how vertibrates and invertibrates are grouped according to their features

– continued to develop our fitness in circuit training

– enjoying the outdoors and taking part in a rounding scavenger hunt

Enjoy the long weekend!

Mrs Nicholson