P3MB Friday 25.9.20

Hello everyone

We hope that you enjoyed the long weekend. We enjoyed hearing about all the lovely things you were doing.

This week we have been learning:


We have been looking at using different addition strategies and this week we were using the largest number first when adding two numbers together. We were playing games, completing worksheets and using the iPads to help us practise.

In mental maths we were counting in sequences of 3s and 4s and playing ‘Round the World’ to help with mental addition.

Things to try at home:






We have been learning to summarise a story and this week we worked on summarising our current reading book. We will continue to practise this skill.

All groups had time to discuss and read their new books.


New spelling words were introduced and the rules discussed. The children copy them using ‘Look, Say, Cover, Write, check’. Our morning challenges give the children a chance to practise their words through a variety of games and activities.


The children enjoyed listening to the story of ‘Waiting for Wolf’. A few children suggested writing a ‘what happens next’ story as a follow up. Their ideas were very creative and the class were very focussed and engaged while writing.


Ask your child to tell you the story of ‘Waiting for Wolf’ using the structure, ‘somebody, wanted, but, so, then’.

Use the same structure to summarise their reading book or other book of their choice in written form. Try to use capital letters and full stops. Encourage your child to read their writing aloud to help them to decide where full stops should go.

Practise your handwriting using pens, pencils, crayons, chalk; any materials available to you at home.


We are continuing to improve our fitness levels in PE and played a variety of running games in groups and individually to help us with this.

At outdoor time we looked for signs of autumn and created a face with the natural materials we found in the wooded part of the playground.


We played bingo to practise our numbers 0-13 and practised saying : hello, goodbye and how are you. We learned a song to help us with this. Ask your child to teach you!


Please make sure your child’s name is on all their clothing, including shoes. Many of the shoes are of similar styles and this can make it confusing when changing into indoor/outdoor shoes several times a day.

Have a lovely weekend.