P3MB 2.10.20

Hello everyone!

Here’s what we’ve been learning this week:



We have continued to work on summarising stories: We have summarised ‘Waiting for Wolf’ by Sandra Dieckmann and ‘Elmer’ by David McKee this week.

‘We write about the beginning, middle and end.’

‘We can use ‘Somebody, wanted, but. so then’ to tell what’s happening.’

‘It’s fun!’

‘We like reading the story before and thinking about our ideas’

Keep practising at home by retelling the stories you read using your own words. Don’t forget to focus on the main events.

Remember to complete the reading assigned to your group.


We practised putting capital letters and full stops in the correct places.

At home, when you are reading, take extra notice of where the full stops and capital letters are. Can you explain to someone at home why they are there?


We have been working on adding 2-digit numbers using ‘bridging through 10’ as a strategy. We found this quite tricky but we will keep working on this skill.

‘We need to be able to count in 10s to bridge through 10.’

We also need to know the number bonds within 10 to be able to use this strategy.

At home, play this game to work on your number bonds within 10. Choose Level 2. If you are confident with level 2, try a harder level.


Have a look at this clip to help explain bridging through ten to someone at home.

Use this song to help you practise counting in 10s:


‘We have been counting to 13 in French’

We played a French game called ‘Onze’ to help.

‘At first, I was finding counting up to 13 tricky, but now I’ve got used to it.’

Listen, and then join in with to this song to help you learn numbers in French.


We’ve continued to work on our fitness.

‘We’ve done lots of laps around the playground.’

‘It was a bit too tiring!’

We played games and worked our way round different fitness stations.

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Bailey, Mrs Munro and P3MB