P4W Wonderful Woodland 2 October 2020

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s blog.

We have had another very busy week, developing skills across the curriculum.


We are becoming Reading Detectives as we continue to read our class novel ‘Ottoline and the Yellow Cat’.

Developing our vocabulary and using these interesting words in our own writing.

Exploring the qualities of a good mystery.

Looking for clues in a text – deciding what is important and what might be misleading.

Giving our opinion on a text and discussing a variety of texts (including our home texts) with a partner and in a team.

Reading for pleasure- lots of us have been enjoying the Jill Tomlinson series of books.

We are finding information about the characters and asking questions- taking notes in ‘Reading Detective’ noteook.

Developing our writing skills. Using adjectives to describe how the main characters are feeling.

Developing our knowledge of sentence structure.

Developing our joined-up cursive handwriting.

Developing our knowledge of speech marks.

Spelling- Adding the suffix ‘ed’.

Root words containing short vowel – double the final consonant then add ‘ed’.

FANTASTIC- stopped  sobbed  popped  rubbed  dropped  snapped  scrubbed dragged chopped

SECTACULARslammed  wrapped  cropped  scrubbed  admitted  controlled  permitted regretted 

Ideas for home learning Write out each word in your favourite colours changing the colour for the double consonant.                                                                   

For example: stopped


Rounding 2 and 3-digit numbers to the nearest 10.

Identifying numbers that would round up or down to a multiple of 10.

Ideas for learning at home- Play this game. You will need a dice. Player 1 has the numbers 10, 30 and 50. Player 2 has 20, 40 and 60. Roll the dice to form a 2-digit number and round it. The player with that multiple of 10 scores a point. The winner is the first player to reach 8.

Developing our knowledge of data handling.

Mental Agility

Creating calculation ‘fact families’

Using our addition facts for trickier calculations.

Identifying the rule in sequences

Continuing and creating sequences.

Ideas for home learning- Challenge yourself, creating addition and subtraction fact families.


Health and Wellbeing

We are exploring strategies to help us become more resilient.

Developing our fitness, listening and quick thinking skills.

Developing our coordination, rhythm and sequencing skills.

Learning in our outdoor environment.

Social Skills

We are learning how to listen carefully- what this looks like and sounds like.

Working cooperatively- making a positive contribution to the team.


Creating our team, large scale maps of Scotland.

Developing our knowledge of Scotland.

Developing our knowledge of weather maps and symbols.

Have a lovely weekend!