P6J 02.10.20

A reminder that all pupils must complete their reading before Wednesday in order to participate in their Literature Circle meeting.  

Here is a summary of our learning this week: 

This was written by Josephine, Eve and Zayan. 

Spelling – The spelling rule for next week is: ous 

Super: nervous jealous poisonous enormous tremendous famous dangerous numerous generous miraculous serious joyous 

Fantastic: boisterous fictitious adventurous meticulous porous coniferous cautious suspicious continuous superstitious precious scandalous delicious 


This week we have been using commas in a list and as a parenthesis.

In writing we have been learning to identify ambitious vocabulary in our stories. We wrote a story called ‘’Chaos at the Art Gallery’’ and tried to add more detail and interesting vocabulary to our descriptions.

We have been practicing our handwriting with Mrs. Bailey.


This week, each Literature Circle set the number of pages they have agreed to read for their next meeting on Wednesday. Here is a reminder of the pages: 

  • Framed  – pages 207247
  • Who’s a Big Bully Then? ch3  ch4  
  • Friday Forever – ch3ch4
  • Our City – pages 82105
  • The Accidental Time Travellerchapter 30 to end 
  • How Kirsty Jenkins Stole the Elephant – ch21ch26 
  • Beetle Boych16ch20

Home Learning Ideas: 

  • Practicesion’ words using some of the spelling activities we use in class.
  • Find ambitious words in your reading books. Use a dictionary to find their meaning.
  • Set reading books to be completed by Wednesday. Please bring your book back to school on Wednesday to meet in your Literature Circle. 


This week in maths, we have been learning about decimals and equivalent fractions (eg.  0.1 as an equivalent fraction would be 1 over 10). We have been learning about a tenth and a hundredth in a decimal.

We have been doing our Daily Tens and Beat That’s to practise our mental agility. 

Home learning:  

  • Try some converting some decimals to simple fractions at home. 
  • Use TopMarks to practise your mental agility.
  • Saying your times tables our loud to get faster at saying them.
  • SUMDOG  


We have been learning about pollination of bees and how we could not live without them.

We also made TAXONOMY posters and sorted bees, wasps, hornet and more.

We have been learning about French weather and remembering our French directions and learning German numbers up to twelve. 

We were making comic strips of the story of Moses and Joshua!!!!! 

We were sharing our Fitness Programs that we have been working on over the weeks (but I’m sure we are all fit from this). 

We shared our Beethoven listing maps with other people (in our class of course!)  


Have a lovely weekend!