P1 Tigers Reflective Friday 2nd October

We hope you all had a fantastic week. We had been very busy learning new things every day.

Have a look and see what we have been up to:


  • We continue to introduce and reinforce some single sounds and have been using them to create and read words. This week’s letters were m and r, and we made words including mat, rat, man, Sam, art and ran.
  • We have been working on learning the names of the characters of our reading books: Kipper, Floppy, Chip, Biff, Mum and Dad. The children took home on their purple folder a copy of these words to practice at home.
  • We enjoyed listening to and discussing a wide range of texts.
  • We continued to practise our scissor skills.
  • We have worked on our fine motor skills. We loved our finger gym using our own pots of play dough!
  • We drew detailed pictures about us doing up our coats.

Home learning ideas:

  • Download the sheet below.  On the sheet you will find the letters we have been learning this week along with a list of words to create. You can choose to print the sheet, or simply write out the letters of small pieces of paper. Use the letter cards from this week and from the week before to create simple words and ask your child to firstly, identify each sound, count how many sounds (phonemes) they hear, then blend or squish the sounds together into one word. Next, say a word which can be made using the letters. say it slowly and clearly – asking your child to identify the sounds they can hear before they ‘make’ the word with the cards. Please take time to practice this every day
  • Go on a letter hunt. Look around you for places where you can see the letters s, a, t, p, ,i,  n, m and r
  • Ask an adult to write all the names of the people in your family. Who has an ‘i’ in their name….. who has an ‘ a’ (etc)
  • Play a game of “I spy” with our focus sounds.
  • Encourage your child to make their name in different ways: in the sand, with flour, play dough, etc.
  • If your child cannot yet write their own name, please practise this at home. Lower case letter please ( apart from the initial letter of course)

Numeracy & Maths

  • We had great fun learning all about patterns. We have copied patterns, continued patterns and create our own patterns.
  • We have been exploring numbers to 10 or 20 with matching activities.
  • We have been working on adding two collections using counters.
  • We have been practising instantly making and recognising finger patterns. Doing it on our head ( the bunny ears game) makes it a bit tricky as we can’t see our fingers, we just have to feel the pattern.
  • We have explored numbers to 10 (and beyond for some)
  • We have worked on sequencing numbers.
  • We have worked on counting forwards and backwards from different starting points.
  • We have been naming the next number in a forwards or backwards sequence
  • We are working on number formation. Numbers 0 to 9.
  • Counting and number recognition.

Home learning ideas

  • Count items using 1-1 correspondence. Put down a quantity of small items, for example raisins, buttons, counters, small stones or lego bricks. Ask your child to count them carefully, pointing to, or moving each one in turn. can they count the total accurately?Increase the level of challenge by using a larger collection. Can they count the steps when they go up and down the stairs?
  • Number hunt: Ask your child to look for specific numbers in the street: buses, house numbers and ask your child to say the number that goes after and before that number.
  • Practice number formation of the numbers 0 to 10 (or more if your child is confident with this already)
  • You may choose to play this game. Please choose from sequencing or ordering (forwards) from 1- 10 or 1-20
  • https://www.topmarks.co.uk/ordering-and-sequencing/shape-patterns You could play this game to help you to create and follow patterns.

Other areas of the curriculum:


We have been continuing to practise the tricky travelling  skills of hopping, skipping, galloping sideways, toe to heel walking and jumping with both feet together. We also have been learning to play some games which help us to develop our speed, travelling, and listening skills.

We have started to practice our throwing and catching skills using small and big balls.

Outdoor learning: 

We used items from the playground to create our own patterns and looking for patterns in the playground.

Independent learning:

These are some photos of the learning through play that we had the opportunity to experience this week:

Other things….

  • Oxford Reading Tree books. We had a few queries about buying Oxford Reading Tree books to support reading at home. We would like to ensure parents that all children are working on reading at school every day. If children use the same books at home as the ones we use at school there will be certain skills that we will be unable to work on as children will know the story before we introduce it. Sometimes they will learn the book by heart but this will not mean that they can decode or that they understand what they are reading which could be misleading for parents and teachers. We would like to encourage you to work on single sounds, making words, blending sounds, etc. If your child is able to read please use different books to ORT to read at home.
  • NUT FREE reminder: As we have a number of pupils in school with nut allergies, please help us to ensure their safety by keeping nutty snacks at home. This includes nut-based chocolate spreads in sandwiches. Many thanks.
  • Purple book bags: Thank you to all parents who are only using this bag to bring things to school. It has helped the children to gain access to their items.
  • The children’s spare clothes are kept in the classroom in the cubby holes close to their shoes.
  • It would be really helpful if all your child’s items could be labelled (packed lunches and water bottles too)
  • Please be mindful when choosing a snack for your child: make sure your child can open it independently.
  • We still have no claimants for the lost property items which we posted three weeks ago, please have another look to see if you recognise anything.
  • We are looking forward to meeting you online next week at our Parent Evenings. This is an opportunity to discuss your child’s progress with us.

We are very proud of our Terrific Tigers!

Thank you for your continued support in your child’s learning.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs Cross and Mrs de Bonrostro