P5M – What we have been learning this week 02.10.20

This week has been such a such a busy week:


This week we have been learning to use characterisation in our writing. This means we describe someone by using our senses and adjectives. We’ve also practised using a variety of openers through blether stations. We up-levelled sentences by changing the opener.

In Spelling, this week’s rule is adding the suffix – er and -est. We know that if it is a long vowel then we drop the “e” and add the suffix (e.g. bravest) and if it is a short we double the consonant (e.g. thinner).

Activities to do at home:

  • See the spelling document for ideas
  • Write a short story and describe the characters
  • Choose a character from your reading book and describe them
  • Try to summarise your reading book

Maths and Numeracy

In Maths we have continued our learning about 3D objects. As well as reminding ourselves of the properties we have looked at nets of 3D objects.

In Numeracy, we have been reminding ourselves how to carry in chimney sums.

Activities to do at home:

  • Use lego bricks to add and subtract objects
  • Make your own nets
  • Make 3D objects out of things in the environment (e.g. sticks)

Other areas of the curriculum

  • In ICT we have been learning how to create a powerpoint and are trying to upload these to Teams.

Activity at home – try to create a powerpoint and upload to Teams (in the assignments)

  • In Art we continued our work using Henri Rousseau ‘Tiger in the tropical storm’ as inspiration to create a piece of art focusing on depth and layering. We used collage to do this
  • In IDL (Free the Forest) – We began to look at food chains and the importance of balance within these. We learned what a producer, consumer and decomposer are
  • In French we were learning how to say and recognise colours in French.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Miss Martin