P3C Blog 2nd October

It has been another fun week in P3C! We have been really enjoying our class novel “The Giraffe, the Pelly and Me” using it to practice making predictions. We created pictograms in Maths to show the which of the predictions for what reward the animals were going to get was the most popular. We know we are getting better at making predictions because many of our predictions are happening in the story! There was a funny song about the Duchesses diamonds that we sang in Music and in Art we have drawn monkeys and pelicans this week.

“We can now draw giraffes, pelicans and monkeys!”

“We have been making good predictions”

“I really like the class novel”

“We predict that Billy will want a sweet shop”

We have been looking at images to make predictions about what is happening and what will happen next, then using what we can see and what we already know to explain why we think our predictions will happen. In our reading groups we have been learning to read with expression. We have also been learning to find information from a text to answer questions.

Things to try at home

  • Try to research and find out interesting facts about giraffes, pelicans or monkeys!
  • When reading together at home, use some of the questions in the link below to discuss the book

As well as making pictograms about our class novel we have done tally charts for favourite colours, animals and dinosaurs. We have continued learning about number bonds and have been playing “Around the World” and “Number Bond Bingo” to help us practice with number bonds to 10, 20 and 100.

In Circle Time we have been discussing how it feels when we are kind. We said kind comments to each other and talked about how it feels when we do kind things and when other people do kind things for us.

“We’ve been talking about feelings being kind”

“We have made posters to teach people how to do number bonds”

“I think I have improved in spelling this week”

“I’m better at writing now because my writing is smaller and neater”

“I got better at number bonds to 10 this week”

Things to try at home

  • Practice number bonds (you could do this with playing cards like we have done in class)
  • Do something kind for someone this week!