Our Learning in P6NM 2.10.20

Another very busy week of learning in P6NM!

Parents consultations are starting on Monday 5th October and carry onto the following Monday. Everyone should now have an appointment slot for their child, please contact the school office if you do not have a slot. We are looking forward to catching up with you to discuss your child’s progress.

Thanks to Charlie who contributed to the blog post this week!


In maths, we have been doing decimal place, we learned about the tenths and hundredths column. We were introduced to how we can answer division questions using decimal answers instead of remainders.

We did an assessment (RRR) on our learning of whole number this term.


In writing, we are focusing on different lengths of sentences. We wrote about a mini episode called the Black Hat.

In spelling, our rule was ‘sion’. Our tricky words were hole and whole.

In reading, we have been reading a bit more of our class novel, Friend or Foe. We also read more of our other book, a Boy in the Girls Bathroom.

Our literature circle task was ‘Illustrator’, we used Manga art to illustrate an importance scene from Friend or Foe.  We discussed the importance of this scene for the plot, the characters and us, the reader. 

Other areas of the Curriculum

In outdoor time, we have been testing out some maths week games for Mrs Imrie it see if they work. We have also been doing a mini maths treasure hunt. We have had loads of fun answering questions and figuring out the words. 

In ICT, we have been doing timelines on the computers. We have been making one of ww2. We have also been learning about microorganisms. We have been researching about them and made a word document about them.

In science, we have done a bread experiment testing out the conditions that will make the bread go mouldy because mould ins a microorganism. We all touched a piece if we wanted to, put one in a dark cupboard, taped on the window, scrunched one up, put one on the heater and more.  We will find out the results next week.

Home learning ideas

Topmarks – hit the button game for multiplication and division

Sumdog – take math in the maths week Scotland activities

Table mountain – times table practice ( only for PC/ laptops)

Spelling games – practice common words www.ictgames.com/littleBirdSpelling 

Find out about ‘useful’ microorganisms and make a poster

Illustrate an important scene from your group reading book practising manga art and write a few sentences to explain the importance of your chosen scene. 

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Nicholson