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P3MB Friday 9.10.20

Hello everyone

This is what we have been learning this week:


We have continued to look at different addition strategies and use them to work out addition problems. This week in mental maths we were adding 9 by adding 10 and subtracting 1 and adding 11 by adding 10 then adding 1 to work out our answers.

We were adding 2 digits plus 1 digit and 2 digits plus 2 digits by adding units (or ones) first, then adding the tens. Some of us added 3 digits plus 2 digits to extend our learning.


Most of us completed a – ‘What Makes ?’ sheet and took it home. This worksheet is to help your child learn the number bonds within 10. It is very important that they are able to recall these facts quickly as this will help them to add bigger numbers quickly and accurately in the future.

You could play this game to help you.



We have continued to practise summarising a story. This week we have summarised ‘Sparkle Boy’ and ‘When Mum Turned into a Monster’.

‘They were really fun stories’

‘Sparkle Boy had lots of sparkles’

‘Boys can wear girl clothes, there are no rules’

‘These stories were interesting and unusual’


Remember to talk about beginning, middle and end when you are discussing stories with your child. Ask them to summarise the story without too much detail but making sure they identify the main points.

Please share and discuss your child’s reading book with them.


We are trying to write super sentences and working very hard to think about where to put full stops in our writing. We wrote a personal piece of writing, trying hard to punctuate it correctly.


You could write some interesting (or silly) sentences to go with some of your spelling words making sure you have remembered capital letters and full stops.


We discussed what we would like to learn about Mynah birds and will be finding out answers to our questions in the next few weeks.

‘We hope to learn lots about mynah birds.’

‘Mynah birds are interesting’


We have been lucky with the weather this week and have enjoyed keeping fit in the sunshine by exercising and playing games.


We tried to have short conversations in French this week, saying hello and asking each other how we were, then saying goodbye.

‘It was hard’

‘Fun but complicated.’

‘I got a bit muddled.’

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

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