Common Words

Dear Parents / Carers

Your child has been given an A4 sheet of paper with the blocks of ‘tricky’ words they learned to read in P1 and P2. As these are words that appear often, in the English language, pupils are likely to use them in their writing and we would like them to develop their confidence when spelling these words.

Further to an assessment, the words your child needs to work on have been highlighted on the sheet. The blocks assessed, at this stage, have also been highlighted. This means that although your child might not have any words highlighted in blocks 5 and 6, for example, these blocks may not have been assessed at this stage.

We have asked your child to learn to spell their highlighted words. These can be worked on over a period of time. It may be that they choose one or two to work on per week, in addition to the spelling lists we are learning.

We have one or two assessments to complete, but all sheets should have been sent home by Wednesday. If your child has lost their sheet, please just let us know by writing a note in your child’s reading record (and letting them know so they will show it to one of us).

Thank you for your support.

Mrs Bailey and Mrs Munro