Our Learning in P6NM 12.10.20


We continued our learning on symmetry this week, focussing on shapes and patterns with more than one line of symmetry. We have also enjoyed transferring our skills to some art activities.

We have also been revising how to complete written division calculations using the bus stop method with answers including decimals.


We finished researching our chosen icons from Black History Month and used our notes to write biographies. 

We used blooms questions started to create a set of open ended, discussion provoking questions about our whole class novel, Friend or Foe.  Questioning is part of the discussion director role for literature circles; which will be starting with our new group novels after the October holiday.  

Our spelling pattern this week was ‘ar’ as a suffix.

Please see the attached sheet for this week and the previous weeks’ spelling rules.

Other Areas of the Curriculum

We enjoyed creating Notan artwork – a Japanese technique which balances light and dark linking to our symmetry focus in maths.

We developed our line drawing skills completing half a symmetrical animal face.

We used our note taking skills to research microorganisms and recorded our research in mind maps. 

We concluded our bread experiment, we found that the slices which had been touched by our hands and the sole of our shoes grew mould.  It has shown that even though we have been frequently washing our hands, they were still dirty!

We learned about the importance of plants and animals to our society.

Home Learning Ideas

All reading groups are now at the end of their group novels and new novels will be issued at the start of the week back.  When you have finished your novel, write a book review or recommendation for your novel.

Create a poster explaining the method for completing written division calculations with decimal answers.

Research the importance of bees to our society and create a power point with your findings.

Have a well deserved break with your families!

Mrs Nicholson