P3MB Friday 16.10.20

Hello everyone

This is what we have been learning this week:


We completed a maths assessment which covered the areas of numeracy we have been working on since the start of P3.

‘We have been counting in 3s and 4s’

‘The assessment was quite tricky’

‘It was a bit fun too’

We created 3D objects using 2D drawings, art straws and plasticine. We discussed vertices, edges and faces.

‘It was REALLY fun but quite tricky to make a cube’.

‘I found it easy and I was the first one finished’.


We used ‘Tunnel in a Hedge’ as a story start and wrote the rest of the story focussing on full stops and capital letters.

‘This was very fun’.

‘We all like to add a lot of detail’

We summarised the story of ‘The Three Little Ghosties’, trying to divide the story into beginning, middle and end without using too much detail.

‘We used the summary words to help us.’

‘It was a good story’


We looked at the Building resilience PowerPoint and in a circle time shared occasions which we have found difficult and talked about the things we did to help us cope

.’We were talking about things we find difficult and discussed lots of lovely ways to cheer ourselves up.’

We enjoyed our fitness sessions in the playground and played lots of games to make sure we were running about.



Please remember to look at the blog post from Monday 12 October. This has all the information about the book talks which are due the week beginning 2nd November.

Have a lovely October break everyone.