P6J Class Blog 30.10.20

Happy Halloween from the Jolly Jellybeans!


Please bring in a palm sized pebble next week for painting in class.

Here is a summary of our learning this week: 


We wrote a story inspired by a spooky picture and focused on using vocabulary which was ambitious. We tried to build suspense in our stories.

We completed a reading comprehension about The Bristol Bus Boycott related to our learning about Black History Month.

We have been planning our class assembly for next Friday on Black History Month. We split into groups and were assigned roles: presenter, script writer, film manager, production manager.

We consolidated our learning on commas to add extra information to sentences with Miss Martin.

Literature Circle reading to be completed by next Wednesday:

  • Beetle Boy: read up to page 51.
  • Our City: read up to page 49.
  • Game Boy: read up to Page 11.
  • How Kirsty Jenkins Stole The Elephant: read up to Chapter 5.
  • The Accidental Time Traveller: read up to Chapter 6.
  • How Brave Is That?: read up to Chapter 3
  • Framed: read up to page 52.

Spelling for next week:

The spelling rule is the ‘er’ suffix. Take each word back to its root. Note that the silent e which must be dropped before the er suffix is added. Some spelling words relate to previous rules.

Super: angler teacher rambler customer adapter builder painter quieter cleaner baker

Fantastic: rambler gardener accuser admirer adviser dazzler divider stranger angler adapter

Tricky words: maize maze

Home Learning Ideas:

  • Practise your spelling words at home.
  • Look out for ambitious vocabulary in your reading books. If you don’t know their meaning, use a dictionary to find the definition.
  • Practice writing sentences with commas to add in extra information.


This week in Numeracy we consolidated our learning on reflective symmetry with Miss Martin.

We learnt about the divisibility tests. We can use these to test whether a number is divisible by 2,3,4,5,6,8,9 or 10. There is no test for 7. Here is a poster to explain the divisibility tests.

We continued out Numeracy Ninjas to practise times tables and key maths skills. We discussed what it means when a number is cubed and when a number is squared.

We practised our division and multiplication fact families e.g. 3×6=18, 6×3=18, 18÷3=6, 18÷6=3

Home learning:

  • Topmarks / Hit the Button
  • Choose 5 two or three digit numbers and test their divisibility.


We revised our French colours in outdoor learning with Miss Martin.

We completed Halloween anagrams.

Amber and Eve presented a super presentation about Space.

In P.E. we developed our running fitness.

In assembly this week we focused on keeping ourselves safe on Bonfire Night. We are looking forward to our assembly next week.

   Have a lovely weekend!