P1 Tigers Reflective Friday 23rd April 2021


It has been lovely to see the children back after the Easter break. We have had a busy week.



Our new sounds this week have been the blends sk, sc, sm and sn, and our new tricky words so and very. You can find the home learning sheet below. Please continue to work at home to consolidate the learning of the new sounds and using them to build and write words.


In writing this week we wrote about our Easter break. It sounds like everyone had a great time.



We continue to work in school on developing our reading skills. As well as reading the words and learning new vocabulary we predict, discuss and comprehend. We hope you enjoy sharing the books with your children at the weekend. If you feel perhaps that they have memorised the book ( which is part of the learning process) then you could ask them to read the book backwards, starting with the last word. Of course this makes no sense , but the children do find it funny and it helps the adults to see if the child can read the words with little context. We use this technique in class so the children are familiar with the idea.

Reading books will be coming home today instead of Thursday this week only.

Please note that we cannot send reading books home on Thursday unless your child has their purple folder with them, and we would respectfully request that the children do not carry their water bottles in the purple bags – we have already had one soggy reading book!


This week we have started to learn about time, revising the order of the days of the week. Most of us are confident naming the day after, but identifying the day before is a bit more tricky. We have learned how to read o’clock times on both analogue and digital clocks.

We continue to work on our numeracy skills, consolidating counting forwards and back, numeral recognition and addition strategies.

Other areas of the curriculum

In PE we were exploring balancing on one leg, two legs, two legs and one hand etc.

We also explored dance and movement activities on the theme of time.

We saw a tiny budgie egg and then explored which other animals hatch from eggs.

We used our sense of smell to sniff some things in pots. Some smells we recognised, some we didn’t. Some we liked, some we didn’t!

Here are some photographs of us enjoying our independent learning opportunities this week. Please ask us what we were doing.

Things to try at home

Practise knowing the order of the days of the week – focusing on the day BEFORE

Play this telling the time game.

Look around the house for all the clocks you can find. How many are digital clocks? How many are analogue ( with hands) ?

Count backwards from 30 to 10 ( or 100 – 30)

Write all your numbers from 1-9. Are they all the right way round? If not, can you practise them.

Practise spelling all the tricky words so far – how many can you write from memory ?

Be Geraldine……. ” Off she went around the house to find something beginning with….. sm/sn etc l” How many things can you find? You could make a list of all the things you find.

Practise your letter formation – are there any letters you find tricky to write ?

Learn to spell and write your surname.