P2M Magic Monkeys 23.04.21


Hello Magic Monkeys and grown-ups and welcome to Term 3! We’ve had a super busy first week back at school…….

In literacy we have covered:

  • Writing about the Easter Break
  • Writing ‘silly sentences’ with our learning partner
  • Dictation – magic e and blends


  • Whole class reading
  • We focussed on listening and looking this week – we listened to an e-book then answered questions based on the text and pictures
  • We also read ‘Treasure in the Garden’ and completed follow up activities linked to ‘Thought Bubbles’

In Numeracy we have covered:

  • Giving and following directions
  • Exploring the points of a compass (North, East, South, West, NE, SE, SW and NW)
  • Using the points of a compass to navigate a map and answer questions about location
  • Dividing by 2
  • Partitioning large numbers into smaller numbers to make halving them easier

P.E/Outdoor Learning:

  • Lots of Tig Games: Team Tig, Bunny Tig, Toilet Tig and Rock, paper, scissor Tig
  • Prize Bingo

Other Curricular Areas:

  • Health and Well-being (team work and positive communication)
  • Health and Well-being – circle time
  • Music – learning to sign ‘True Colours’
  • French – colours

Learn Through Play Activities:

  • Marble Run
  • Block Play
  • Lego/construction
  • STEM activities
  • Fine Motor Skills Art
  • Role Play
  • Arts and Crafts table – French numbers
  • Literacy games
  • Numeracy games
  • Mindfulness colouring in

Morning Starter/Afternoon Ender:

  • Holiday Whiteboard
  • Mindfulness colouring in
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors
  • Letter formation practice

Extra Information 

  • New reading books will be sent home on Monday 26.04.2021
  • Please bring reading books to school every day – especially a Thursday so they can be “quarantined” over the weekend. Thank you!  
  • We have had another a new pupil join us this week– it has been lovely to welcome him into our team!

Enjoy the weekend, have fun and stay safe,

Miss McGhee 😊