P2 Wonderful Wolves Friday Update

This week in P2W…

Literacy: In literacy this week we have been learning our soft ‘c’ sound. We had lots of activities out in the classroom to help us learn our soft ‘c’ sound and practice out spelling of soft ‘c’ words. Have a look at the pictures below!

Numeracy and Mathematics: We have been reminding ourselves of the place value of number and have been partitioning our numbers into tens and units to help us add and subtract. We used our counting cubes to represent numbers in tens and units. We have also been learning about the fraction ‘half’ this week and using our knowledge to identify and represent a half.

Health and Wellbeing: This week we continued our focus on friendships and discussed what makes a good friend and times where we have been a good friend. We wrote about these times on a leaf to create a friendship tree in our classroom…picture coming soon!!

Other curriculum areas: This week Mr Segal from actives schools has been taking us for some fun filled P.E lessons. We have also been practicing our performance of true colours for our recording next Friday.

True colours BSL performance: next Friday we will be performing and recording our performance of ‘True Colours BSL’. The children can dress in bright clothing or their favourite colour. Permission slips for the recording have been given to all the children. Please return these if you wish you child to be involved in the recording, more details are on the permission slip. If your child has lost theirs please contact myself or the school office.

To help with home learning on Thursday next week a learning pack will be sent home with your child on Wednesday. Please look at our teams page for any further information.

Have a lovely long weekend everybody!

Ms Russell