P1L – Learning Together At Home Day – Thursday 6th May 2021

P1L – Thursday 6th May 2021

Good Morning Lovely Lions,

Here is your learning for today. A pack was sent home with everything you need for today’s learning.

Literacy: Writing


Using the writing sheet within the pack, write a story about your favourite food or favourite dish. Can you tell me why this is your favourite? Have you ever helped to make it yourself? For an extra challenge, describe how the food tastes. Can you extend your sentences by adding in more descriptive language? Take your time drawing a picture of your favourite food or of you eating it. Your choice!

Remember our non-negotiables and check your work when you think you are finished. Have you included capital letters, full stops and finger spaces?

Numeracy/Maths: Measurement


We are going to be continuing our learning of measurement, carrying on from the lesson we had yesterday in school. Now it is your turn to play with water and make different measurements using various containers you have in your house. Before filling each container with water can you guess which one might hold more? Which container will hold less?

Please fill out the worksheet which is in this pack.

Health and Wellbeing: Food Technology


Next week we are going to be starting our new topic of ‘My Body’ and how to keep it fit and healthy. We would like you to help an adult prepare a healthy snack or lunch for your family. You could help by cutting fruit, spreading butter, making a sandwich. Whatever you and your family would like to do. You could do some baking if you have time. You may also wish to make the food/dish you wrote about for writing.

Remember to wash your hands before preparing the food and to help with the washing up!

You could take photos and share these on the learning journals.


Here are further suggestions of activities you could do at home today if you would like.

  • Read a story with an adult or individually.
  • Go on a walk and see if you can spot signs of spring.
  • Revise our time topic and make a timetable for yourself for the day.
  • Go on Youtube and find any of the Jack Hartman videos we watch together in class.
  • Revise your tricky words by reading and writing them.
  • Revise our phonics sounds we have been working on recently – you could choose a sound and write as many words which have that sound in it as you know. Can you use any in a sentence?

I hope you have a lovely day, please get in touch if you have any questions.

Miss McGillivray