Learning together at home. Thursday 6th May

Good morning Tigers!

Are you ready to learn from home?

We are looking forward to seeing you at 9.30 (link has been emailed to all P1 T parents)

We have prepared some learning for you.


Today is Thursday and on Thursday we do writing. At 9.30 we will explain how to do it. But here is some guidance too

Today we would like you to write about ‘ Foods I like to eat’

(Template provided yesterday on purple folder)

Learning Intention (What we are learning today):

  •  We are learning to write in sentences.

Success Criteria (How can I show that I have learned and understood):

  • I can put capital letters in the right place.
  • I can use finger spaces.
  • I can use full stops.
  • I can sound out the words to try to write them.
  • I can write a sentence that makes sense.

Today you are going to write about ‘Foods I like to eat’

First talk to an adult about foods you like to eat: You could tell the adult who is with you which foods do you like, you can start by making a list. Think about what do you want Mrs Cross and Mrs de Bonrostro to know ( we are your audience!). You can name a few and then choose one that you would like us to know more about.

Draw a detailed picture (you don’t have to colour it in, black pen drawing if you have one), think about what it looks like, when and where do you eat it. We would love to see a picture of food that you like to eat. (you could take a photo of your work and upload it on the e-learning journal once you have finished).

Now you can try to write a few sentences:

  • The adult who is helping you can write the sentences starters (written below in cursive) so you can copy them. However, if you want a bit of a challenge try to sound out the words and write them without help (Adult, please don’t focus on correcting the spelling to start with if it is phonetically correct).
  • Sentence starters: Then start by: The foods I like to eat are…  Tell me everything you can about it: My favourite food is… Then tell me what you like about it: I like …because….
  • Your child should be able to write independently the worked tricky words (such as I, she, he, etc)
  • You could give your child a bank of words to use (please try not to add CVC words or our tricky words)

Non-negotiables (adult you could write a simple sentence and model it for your child):

  • Capital letter at the beginning of a sentence.
  • Full stop at the end of a sentence.
  • Finger spaces between words.

We would love to see your amazing writing.

Please write the title and date for your child and then chose from one of the following:

  • Easiest: Adult to scribe for you and you copy the sentence underneath. You can also provide the beginning of the sentence and ask your child to write a CVC word ( consonant, vowel, consonant). Example: Child is provided with the sentence I like soup because is…(child can write hot independently)
  • Medium: Attempt to write independently with adult supporting with trickier words.
  • Trickiest: Write independently. Try to write at least 4 sentences.

If you would like an extra activity, your child took home a sheet with his/her name written on it and a target. Your child could work on the given target.


We are working on measurement. In class yesterday we started to learn about capacity. We are experimenting with everyday items as units of measure to
investigate and compare sizes and amounts in our environment, sharing our findings with others. We are estimating, measuring the capacity of familiar objects using a range of appropriate non-standard units.

Please find the worksheet attached (it went home yesterday too)

Health and Wellbeing (Food technology)

Task: To help to prepare a healthy snack or meal. You could help to prepare a sandwich (spread butter) and/or chop vegetables and/ or fruit.

We would like you to wash your hands before preparing food, using utensils safely ( knife to chop or to spread) and washing the dishes after eating your food.

Please, if you can, ask an adult to take a photo of you preparing the food and to upload it on the e- journal. We would love to see all our chefs!

On Friday we will be playing with Loose parts outside, remember to wear appropriate clothes for outdoor messy play!

Have a super day!

Mrs Cross and Mrs de Bonrostro