P2/3 Golden Treasures Reflective Friday week beginning 24th May


  • Spelling: this week we practised our spelling words in a variety of ways
  • Team Jewel- working on the ea sound (eat, seat etc)
  • Team Gold– continuing our work on adding ‘ing’ endings to words where you have to double the consonant at the end (e.g. fanning, binning)
  • Team Treasure- plurals where you need to add ‘es’ to make the plural form (e.g. foxes, buses)
  • Reading- reading aloud with fluency and expression in our reading groups; looking for words beginning with each letter of the alphabet in our books as a challenge.
  • Handwriting– practising formation, focusing on the correct height of letters, starting to join script.

At home ideas:

  • Write your own set of instructions using some of these openers: First, Next, Then, Finally… (It could be instructions for a recipe, how to feed a pet, how to brush your teeth- the choice is yours!)
  • Choose a book (or magazine or comic) and read aloud to someone at home (parents, sibling, or even a favourite teddy or pet). Can you read fluently and add expression to your voice as you read?


  • Continuing our work on fractions. Looking at halves and quarters and talking about how the bottom number of the fraction (the denominator) is how many equal parts that you are splitting the number or shape into.
  • Continuing our focus on counting in 3s and linking this to the 3 x table.
  • Continuing to work on measure: weight and capacity.

At home ideas:

  • Fractions- have a look at the game below to practise your work on fractions.
  • Practise your measuring skills by weighing some ingredients at home. Can you find any instruments at home that measure capacity? (Measuring jugs etc).


Other Areas

  • IDL/Topic- continuing our topic on plants and looking after our sunflowers.
  • PE- sports day stations
  • Days of the week in French
  • Planning and organising our class assembly.

At home ideas:

  • Can you remember the days of the week in French? Have a listen to this song to help you.
  • Share with your family what you and your team have been learning about to share in assembly about Health.


Have a super weekend!

Mrs Tweedie and Mrs Graham