What we have been learning this week – 28.5.21

Good afternoon!


In reading this week, we have been practising summarising and using Bloom’s questions. We focused on ‘Chloe the Creator’. We used a video to help us with this skill and we enjoyed creating our own missions for Agent Fox to go on. We also had the opportunity to create our own gadgets for Agent Fox and his new mission.

We have been practising writing persuasive letters again this week. We began with looking at where paragraphs should be, focusing on when there is a change in topic, time or place. We had a go at deciding where paragraphs should be in pairs.

P5M then went on to discuss the pros and cons of school uniform and then decided if you were for or against it. We used all of the persuasive writing techniques that we have been learning (emotive language, direct address, exaggeration, etc.) and our new knowledge of paragraphs to write our own persuasive letters for or against school uniforms.

Things to do at home –

See the progress record for this week’s reading pages. Practise the different reading skills that we have focused on in class such as: creating and answering your own questions, pick an important part of the book and illustrate it, write a short paragraph about why it is an important part of the book or use a dictionary to find the meaning of any unknown words.

Spelling words will be posted on Monday – practise writing them in sentences and use ‘look, write, check’ to test yourself.

Have a go at writing your own persuasive letter to someone at home. You could ask for a pet, a bigger room or holiday.

Maths and Numeracy

This week in numeracy we have concluded our topic of time. We continued to calculate the duration of time using an empty number line and looking at different timetables. We also went over all of the different skills we have learned during our topic, including; telling the time on digital and analogue clocks, writing the time in words and converting between 12 and 24-hour time. Some of us challenged ourselves this week by using our problem-solving skills and made up our own school timetables

Things to do at home –

Practise your problem solving – https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/7-11-years/problem-solving

Look at any timetables you come across (bus, train, etc.) and try to calculate how long it takes to get to where you are going.

Other curricular areas

  • We continued with our Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood topic this week, discussing the names and functions of parts of our bodies as well as the changes that we go through.
  • We began looking at our new topic based on Scottish historical figures. We watched 2 videos about the Terrible Tudors and Mardy Mary to give us an idea of what we will be learning, in preparation of deciding what we would like to learn and coming up with our topic name next week.

Enjoy the weekend!

Miss Mangan