P6NM Our Learning WB 25.05.21

We have had a busy week in P6NM. Here is a summary of our learning:



We held our Literature Circle meetings on Tuesday. The next meeting is on Monday 31st May.

Writing/Links to IDL

We read more of our class novel Wilderness Wars. In it, one of the main characters discovered bats roosting in a cave. We used this opportunity to read for information, using leaflets from The Bat Conservation Trust. We then worked in trios to construct a mind map sharing our new-found knowledge. Finally, we used these mind maps as plans for our writing. We wrote non-chronological reports on bats.

Opportunities for home learning

Here is a video explaining more. Once you have watched it you could try to write your own report around an area of your interest.

How to write a non-chronological report – BBC Teach


We have been learning about quadrilaterals.  This is a useful summary of the key points in our learning this week.

Classifying quadrilaterals – Year 5 – P6 – Maths – Home Learning with BBC Bitesize – BBC Bitesize

Opportunities for home learning

  • Can you see any quadrilaterals around your home? Draw and label the types of quadrilaterals you find.
  • Extra challenge- here is an interactive quiz to test your knowledge.

Math Game: Quadrilaterals (iknowit.com)


  • We have been dribbling using hockey sticks and balls in preparation for the P6 competition Games@thehub 2021.
  • We have been taking part in circle times around the themes of friendship and bullying. In particular, we talked about the role of witnesses.
  • We found out more about puberty using the new RSHP resource.