P2 Different Dashes - Mrs DeBonrostro

P2D Reflective Friday 26.08.22

Welcome to our weekly blog.

We hope you all had a good week. We certainly had a busy one.

It is lovely to see how the new class is gelling together. The atmosphere in the class is lovely. We are looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday at Meet the teacher.

This week our focus has been working as a team. We all knew each other from last year however we are a new team. We have agreed our class charter: ready, respectful and safe and discussed what this looks like for us.

Every morning we are greeting each other in a different languages language, it is amazing to see how many different are spoken by the children in our class. So far we have said hello in: English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Dutch, Serbian and Gaelic. If you would like to come and teach us about your language and culture we would love to hear from you.

We have been talking about our feelings, how to express them and what to do if we need help. We read ‘The colour monster’ book. Our writing focus was Things that makes us happy.

We have talked about racism. We watched this video:

We have talked about being kind:

We have been working on our tricky words. We did a word hunt outdoors!

We have been checking our maths and reading skills before we start reading and maths groups.

We had our first session of indoor PE too.

This week we have been taking photos of our independent learning. Now we have an iPad that we can use if we feel proud of something we have made or learned. Look at our photos!

Learning tips

We will continue to work on our tricky words please find attached Block 1 to Block 3 (revision from last year).

Things to Know

  • Please remember to label all items. We have a few indoor shoes from the same brand without a name and this is causing confusion between the children.
  • Please don’t bring toys from home.
  • We will be out in all weathers therefore it would be useful to check the weather forecast just in case wellies and raincoats are needed at playtime.
  • On Friday 9th September you will receive our term Newsletter with all the information about the learning that will take place in term one as well as your child’s learning targets
  • The children are working hard on our STEM area and we need junk ( empty cardboard boxes, egg boxes, etc.). Please ensure that all items are empty and don’t contain nuts.
  • A reminder that we have children in the class with severe nut allergy . No nuts are allowed for snack or lunch.
  • Only one snack is needed at school.
  • Lost indoor shoe ( no name). Please let me know if it belongs to your child, no left shoe found. Maybe you have the other shoe at home… like Cinderella’s story!

I am looking for a small wooden table, see photo below (Ikea Lack small coffee table model). If you have one that you not longer need it will be great for providing another learning area in our room (if you have small stools, preferably not bright colours, even better!). Thank you!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs de Bonrostro