P1 Bright Sparks - Miss Croal

P1 Bright Sparks 26.8.22

sorting to help our fine motor skills
making a creature in the big bricks!

Hello, I hope that you have had a good week. The P1 Bright Sparks have had a fantastic full first week of school! Welcome to our Bright Sparks blog. This blog will be the main avenue of communication from the class, so please read it each week!

This week we have been learning:


We have been focussing on developing our fine motor skills to provide us with a foundation for handwriting. We have fine motor skills play around the classroom with peg boards and sorting, as well as numerous writing opportunities of postcards, letters and café orders!

We are also really focussing on listening and talking as we go through our memory boxes. Everybody has done a great job of presenting to the class and listening to our friends. We are excited to hear more next week!


This week, we have explored the numbers 1-5. Bright Sparks are doing a great job of writing the numbers and recognising dot patterns. Next week, we will continue with numbers 6-10 and practise our counting.

Other Areas

Our big focus in this first week has been our health and wellbeing, in particular building relationships. As we learn through play, it has been lovely to see new friendships form and children growing in confidence. We also enjoyed our first PE sessions. We have been thinking about spatial awareness and movement with space bubble games and relays.

Construction area – this helps to develop skills in creative thinking, problem solving and team work. We have built castles, bridges and marble runs!

Loose parts play – the children have been enjoying our house corner, which is mainly used as a café with the loose parts as our food orders.

order up!

Reflective Friday

This week, the Bright Sparks said they enjoyed drawing pictures, playing with their buddies, colouring in their bubble numbers and taking part in PE!

General information:

On Thursdays, Mrs Conlin will be teaching the Bright Sparks.

When bringing in ‘junk’ for modelling, for health and safety reasons we cannot have toilet rolls or egg boxes.

Please put names on all waterbottles, clothing, Tupperware etc!

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Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Croal