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P1B Reflective Friday 2.9.22

Happy weekend, Bright Sparks! We have had another great week at school.

This week we have been learning:


We have been continuing to focus on developing our fine motor skills to provide us with a foundation for handwriting. This week, we received our own pot of playdoh! We have been using the playdoh to make numbers, shapes and animals.


We have finished listening to everybody’s memory boxes. Our listening skills have improved a lot as we focus on the 5 Signs of Good Listening. Well done to everybody for standing up in front of the class and presenting! Next week, we are starting to learn our phonics.


This week, we have explored the numbers 6-10. Bright Sparks are doing a great job of writing the numbers, counting out objects and singing Bill and Bernie’s 1-10 song!  We have also enjoyed building Numicon cities. Next week, we will start our Stages of Early Arithmetic Learning (SEAL) lessons at the teaching table.

independently choosing to practise our numbers


We are continuing to build relationships, make new friends and learn and play together around the classroom. 

We really appreciate your ongoing donations of clean recycling – yes, we really do need more boxes!

Our STEM area is a core part of our play curriculum in school. The end product may not look like much, but it is the process that matters. ‘Junk’ modelling helps to develop their imagination and creative abilities while challenging them to explore, investigate and problem solve as they bring their ideas to life.

Children can work on their own or co-operate with others, learning to negociate and share ideas. When they create something new it can give their confidence and self-esteem a big boost. They can also consider how their plans have worked out as they think about what they might have done differently or how they might improve their model.

With these materials they practice complex skills from fine and gross locomotor skills to higher order executive functioning; higher order thinking skills such as sequencing, hypothesis testing, divergent problem solving, analysis and evaluation.

If they don’t take their model home at the end of the day it doesn’t matter – the learning has already happened. If it does come home, please value the process your child has gone through more than the product itself. Thank you.

children from different classes worked together to make a giant paddleboard!

Reflective Friday

This week, the Bright Sparks said they enjoyed learning the numbers, building marble runs together, drawing at the craft table and building with the big bricks.

General information:

If you are dropping off your child late or picking them up early, please do so at the office rather than the classroom door.

On Thursdays, Mrs Conlin will be teaching the Bright Sparks.

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