P1 Bright Sparks - Miss Croal

P1B Reflective Friday 9.9.22

Hello Bright Sparks! We have had another busy week in school – here is what we have been up to:


This week, we have introduced the ‘a’ sound and the ‘t’ sound. We practised the sounds with Geraldine the Giraffe and did a treasure hunt around the classroom to find objects beginning with the initial sounds. It was fun finding a picture of Tanav for ‘t’, and seeing which names in the class ended with the ‘a’ sound!

making ‘a’ with playdoh
finding the ‘a’ pairs
sorting ‘t’ for teddies


This week, we started our SEAL programme in groups. We all worked on counting collections of objects, counting forwards not starting from 1 and numerical identification and recognition. On Friday morning during class learning through play, some children took themselves to the teaching table and started being pretending to be Miss Croal, using our SEAL tasks from this week! At home, you could practise counting a collection of objects, making sure we are using our finger to point and counting out loud!

Taking turns being the teacher, counting counters and identifying numbers 1-10
matching the number to the collection
adding the right number of apples to the trees

Other Areas

In PE this week, we have been continuing to focus on spatial awareness and basic movement, such as being in a space bubble, running, marching, walking, skipping and jumping forwards with two feet. We have also enjoyed singing games and working out who was knocking on the door and tapping on the window!

a house with a driveway in the big bricks area
“that costs two pound please!”

Reflective Friday

This week, the Bright Sparks said they enjoyed reading stories with their P6 buddies, the ‘a’ and ‘t’ treasure hunt and counting apples.

General information:

If the classroom door is closed, please drop off/pick up your child at the office. 

Please look out for the coloured paper on a Friday in the purple folder with what we have been learning this week!

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Croal