P1 Master Minds - Mrs Bailey & Mrs Munro

Primary 1M – Reflective Friday 9.9.22

Hello everyone, this is what we have been learning this week:

(Apologies for the lack of photographs in our blog, we are having some technical issues and hope to rectify this as soon as possible).


We were learning in small groups and practised saying number word sequences forwards and backwards, starting from different numbers up to 10. We ordered numerals up to 10, forwards and backwards. We practised counting objects accurately.


Practise counting forwards and backwards starting from different numbers. If your child is confident doing this up to 10, they could try it with numbers up to 20.


We introduced the sounds a and t. We thought of things beginning with these sounds, learned an action  and sang some songs to help us remember them. We used a board and magnetic letters to locate the letters and to make the word – at. There are activities throughout the classroom to help us practise these sounds.

We shared the big 0RT book together and were introduced to some of the characters we will be meeting in our reading books: Kipper, Biff and Chip.

We spoke about the people in our families and drew them in our writing jotters, adding as much detail as we could.

We shared lots of lovely stories together. Primary six buddies came into class to share stories with Primary one.


Your child will bring home flashcards today, please use these to help your child recognise the sounds and to build the words a and at. Look around the environment and help your child to spot these letters and recognise them in different fonts.


In our outdoor PE time we continued to practise different ways of travelling. In our hall PE time we played lots of different running games to get warmed up and made different shapes with our bodies. We worked as a team to make larger shapes and worked together to collect the most hoops for our team.


Some children were using the home corner to order and make pizza so we were using mime  to make our own pizza and then shared what we had made with our friends.


Some children are finding it quite tricky to keep track of their jumpers, cardigans, and coats, especially at lunchtime. Anything the PSAs see in the playground they bring into the classroom so please just ask at the end of the day if your child is missing something. Items can also go missing in the lunch hall, so we can also check in there. Please make sure all items of clothing and all belongings are named.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.