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P1W reflective Friday 16.9.22

Today your child will bring home their learning story folder containing an overview plan for the term along with targets and star steps for each pupil. Please return the folder to school next week. Thank you.

Independent learning

The children have been developing a wide range of skills through independent learning opportunities in class. Here is a selection of photographs of what they have been doing.


This week we have explored the letter sounds p and n.

The children will bring home a ‘sounds sheet’ today. please cut out and keep the letter cards and use them as flashcards to practice letter recognition. Each week we will send home the new sounds learned to add to your collection. In order to blend the sounds seamlessly together to build words the children should learn and use the ‘pure sound’ of the letter ( eg sssss rather than Suh or the letter name Ess )The sheet will also have a list of suggested words to build using the sounds.

Please practice forming the letters following the correct route, using these links as a guide.

Our writing/storytelling prompt this week was ‘I am pointing to…’


This week we have continued our numeracy fluency work with our Stages of Early Arithmetical Learning ( SEAL) inputs, reinforcing the following strategies and concepts –

  • counting backwards from 10 ( or 20 for some pupils).
  • naming the next number in an isolated short backwards number sequence. ie. I say, 10, 9, 8 (they say 7)
  • establishing a collection ( give me 9 counters/raisins/etc)
  • counting a collecting with accurate 1-1 correspondence
  • recognising numerals
  • sequencing numerals
  • making instant finger patterns (show me 6 fingers)
  • recognising dice patterns

Looking ahead to next week.

Next Thursday afternoon we will have outdoor loose parts play (aka Messy play). The children way get wet and dirty, so please dress accordingly – old play clothes, or a waterproof onesie, wellies etc. We want the children to enjoy the experience without worrying about their clothes.

Loose parts play develops skills across the whole curriculum. It is child-led, and helps children strengthen their independence and sense of self. It helps children observe, enquire, investigate, construct, deconstruct and engage with both others and the world around them.

Other areas of the curriculum

  • In music we sang songs and played games designed to develop skills of keeping a steady beat. We also explored using our voices in different ways.
  • In Outdoor and Indoor PE we have been continuing to focus on movement skills, competencies and concepts. (I am learning how to move my body well, exploring how to manage and control it and finding out how to use and share space (HWB 0-21a)

Things to do at home and other information

  • Promote independence in dressing – changing/tying shoes, opening snack packets, zipping up coats, sorting inside out sleeves etc
  • Look around the environment for examples of written numerals – car number plates on the walk to school provide lots of opportunity for number hunts!
  • Encourage your child to write their name using correct letter formation. You may wish to refer to this sheet for letter formation routes.

A reminder to name all items of clothing and shoes, and to check names on items brought home in case your child accidentally acquires a jumper belonging to someone else.