P1 Master Minds - Mrs Bailey & Mrs Munro


Hello everyone, this is what we have been learning this week:


We were learning in small groups and practised saying number word sequences forwards and backwards, starting from different numbers up to 20. We said alternate numbers and the number which came next in a sequence- 8, 9, 10 -. We ordered numerals up to 10, forwards and backwards. We practised counting objects accurately.


Practise counting backwards starting from different numbers. If your child is confident doing this from 10, they could try it from 20.


We introduced the sounds S and N. We thought of things beginning with these sounds, learned an action  and sang some songs to help us remember them. We used a board and magnetic letters to locate the letters and to make some words. We tried to decode some three letter words made from the sounds we know. Activities in the classroom this week included: making paper plate Pizzas, using our Noses to smell lots of different foods, creating a Night-time area where we could shine torches, making Nests with natural materials.

We shared the big 0RT book together and were introduced to the characters Mum and Dad.

We spoke about the positive aspect of night-time, some of the suggestions were: bedtime stories, fireworks, looking at the night sky, seeing badgers and other nocturnal animals. We drew beautiful pictures in our writing jotters of what we like about night-time and shared them with Mrs Imrie when she visited our classroom.


Your child will bring home flashcards today, please use these to help your child recognise the sounds and to build the suggested words. Look around the environment and help your child to spot these letters and recognise them in different fonts.


In our outdoor PE time, we continued to practise different ways of travelling. In our hall PE time, we played lots of different running games to warm up and practised different ways of jumping: forwards, backwards and sideways, jumping with two feet and landing on one, taking off on one foot and landing on two. We finished with some  games to help us work together as a team.


Your child will bring home their learning story today, it explains the targets we will be working on from now to Christmas and an overview of our learning up to that time.


Primary One will have loose parts on Thursday 22 September. This is a chance for the children to work together outdoors with the other primary one classes to problem solve and be creative. Please make sure your child is suitably dressed for learning outdoors. Thank you.

Enjoy the long weekend everyone.