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P2MN Blog 23.9.22

Another busy week in Primary 2!

Our highlight this week was another loose parts play session.


In literacy we revised the ‘ee’ sound and also learned that ‘ea’ can make the same sound.  We found out that unlike some of the other sounds we have been learning there is no rule to tell us which ee/ea to use.  This video highlights the confusion that can sometimes arise!

Danny’s ‘ea/ee’ – Prankster Cam (The Electric Company) – YouTube

This image has been helping us to remember ee/ee.  ‘eee a mouse!’

We have also been checking which tricky words we can read and are focussing now on spelling these words correctly in our writing.  Some information will be coming home soon about which words your child is working on.  In the meantime, here are the lists that we work from:

Block 1: I, the, to, me, he, is, his, was, saw, put, want

Block 2: her, one, you, she, be, go, are, said, all, some, come, they

Block 3: so, very, every, two, only, over, any, water, many, would, should, could, where, what, who, why, find, kind

We learned about writing instructions this week and wrote our own set for ‘How to Clean your Teeth’. Some of the features we discussed were: the use of ‘bossy verbs’ (imperatives), steps which are numbered/ in sequence and words of order (first, then, next).

Opportunities for home learning

  • Look at examples of instructions from around the house (lego instructions, recipes, flat pack furniture).  What features can you recognise?
  • Practise tricky words using chalk or squirting water from a bottle on the ground outside.
  • Using a highlighter and an old magazine or newspaper see how many of each word you can find and highlight.  Focus on finding one word at a time e.g. how many of the word ‘the’ can you highlight on the page?


We are continuing to practise days of the week and months of the year.  We learned a song for days of the week which uses the Adams Family theme tune. 

We focussed on ‘equal groups’ in maths, this is a precursor to multiplication and division.  We practised identifying items that were in equal groups; being able to say how many group, how many in each group and how many all together. 

We enjoyed taking our number work outside, working in pairs to do a scavenger hunt.  We had to answer questions asking for the number before or after a given number.  This was tricky as we sometimes get muddled between the concepts of before and after!

Opportunities for home learning

  • Continue to discuss months of the year.  Can you remember which month your birthday fall in?  Can you say which month other family members birthdays fall in?  Are there any months that have special celebrations e.g. Halloween, Christmas?
  • Practise writing numbers correctly.  Can you write 0 – 20 with all digits formed correctly?

Other Areas of the Curriculum

In PE, we are continuing to develop our balance and coordination through a range of activities and games.

In HWB we continued to focus on kindness and acceptance. 

We have been practicing forming the letters c, a, d using the cursive font. 

We completed wellbeing webs – a questionnaire about the wellbeing indicators.

(safe, healthy, active, nurtured, achieving, respected, responsible, included)

Other Information

Last week P2 write letters to King Charles III.  We are going to send a copy to the Palace and we will send a copy home for you to keep as a memento.

Have a great weekend! 😊