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P1W reflective Friday 7.10.22

Independent learning

The children have been developing a wide range of skills through independent learning opportunities in class. Here is a selection of photographs of what they have been doing.


This week we have introduced the letter sounds m and r.

Our handwriting focus was diagonal lines.

Our writing/storytelling prompt this week was ‘I was changing my shoes…’


This week we have continued our numeracy fluency work with our Stages of Early Arithmetical Learning ( SEAL) inputs, reinforcing the following strategies and concepts –

Our Core numeracy skills this week were

  • counting backwards from 10 (or 20 for some pupils).
  • naming the next number in an isolated short backwards number sequence. ie. I say, 10, 9, 8 (they say 7)
  • establishing a collection (give me 9 counters/raisins/etc)
  • counting a collecting with accurate 1-1 correspondence
  • recognising numerals
  • sequencing a short selection of numerals ( e.g. 5,6,7,8)
  • making instant finger patterns (show me 6 fingers without counting them)
  • recognising dice patterns and clapping the amount of dots on the dice

Our challenge numeracy skills were.

  • adding two collections with the second one screened ( e.g. here are 8 counters, there are 5 more hiding under this pot, how many altogether?)
  • sequencing numerals within the range 0-30
  • naming the number after a given number ( 0-30)
  • counting backwards from 30, starting and stopping at different points
  • investigating which equal groups can be made from a given number ( e.g. can I make 2 equal groups/3 equal groups/4 equal groups/5 equal groups from 12 counters? What about if I have 16 counters, or 18 etc)

Looking ahead to next week.

Loose parts play on Friday morning after break

Other areas of the curriculum

  • In health and Wellbeing, our whole school topic is ‘Look on the Bright Side’. We drew pictures of things we are grateful for.
  • We continued to explore gender bias (in child friendly language) discussing which jobs and activities are for males/females. Happily, the children are steadfast in their understanding that anyone can do anything they choose to do.
  • In music we sang songs and played games designed to develop skills of keeping a steady beat. We also explored using our voices in different ways.
  • In Outdoor and Indoor PE we have been focusing on jumping, landing safely with both feet together. I am learning how to move my body well, exploring how to manage and control it and finding out how to use and share space (HWB 0-21a)

This week’s homework and other information

  • Practise forming the letters m and r
  • Talk together about things to be grateful for
  • Count backwards from 10 (or 20 or 30)
  • Use all the blue letter cards to blend and build words ( see homework sheet in purple folder)
  • Encourage your child to write their name using correct letter formation. You may wish to refer to the sheet given home at parent’s night for letter formation routes.

Can you help?

We have been given a new doll for our role play corner – but it is very cold!! If anyone has any leftover double knitting wool which we could use to make some clothes for it that would be much appreciated. (It would be even more amazing if anyone has the time and skill to make us some clothes to fit a 16″ baby doll)

A reminder to please name all items of clothing and shoes, and to check names on items brought home in case your child accidentally acquires a jumper belonging to someone else.