P1 Bright Sparks - Miss Croal

P1B Reflective Friday 4.11.22

Good afternoon! It was lovely to see some of you in the classroom this morning. We hope you enjoyed seeing our learning through play!


This week, we learned the d and o sounds. We did step by step drawings of dinosaurs, practised cutting skills with octopuses, worked on blending and building with our new sounds, and made octopuses using our taping skills. For blending and building, we sometimes struggle to hear the middle sound in a word. Lots of emphasis on that sound will help! We each completed a Halloween Animal sheet too, where we had to put the letter in the right box to spell the word.

We learned two new tricky words this week: he and to. Lots of repetition is great for learning these, as we need to know them by sight!

For writing, our prompt was “I was splashing in my wellies and…”. We all had a go at writing and by listening to the first, middle and last sound in the word.

We also have a reading table in our classroom with the characters from our reading books, which we will start after learning all of our initial sounds. We have enjoyed looking through them, reading some of the words and making our own stories with Biff, Chip, Kipper, Mum, Dad and Floppy!


This week, we looked at doubles using our fingers. For example, show me double 4. How many is double 4? 8! We also used counters to start some work on number bonds to 10. These are the sets of numbers that add together to make 10. At the teaching table, we found that 9 blue counters and 1 red counter made 10, 8 blue counters and 2 red counters made 10, etc. We will continue work on number bonds to 10 next week. We also introduced number lines, which is a really helpful resource when we start doing sums!

Health and Wellbeing

In PE this week, we worked on throwing and catching, using bean bags and hoops. We worked on our underarm throw, and moved the hoop further away from our throwing cone to make it harder and harder.

With Mrs Conlin, we continued our work with Look On the Bright Side and thought about small deals and big deals. We also talked about how to keep safe around fireworks on Bonfire Night. 

Other Areas

We had a lovely trip to the woods! We explored the area with all the P1 classes together. We are looking forward to using the space for future outdoor learning! 

Looking Ahead to Next Week

As part of our RSHP programme in school, we would like to celebrate the breadth of languages and cultures represented within our class community.

As part of this, we would like to give every child an opportunity to share with the class something about the languages they speak or the country or countries that members of the family come from ( including Scotland) . For example – they may wish to draw or print a flag from a country that is represented in their home; teach the class how to say a phrase in a language that is spoken at home; bring/wear an item of traditional dress or souvenir; or simply talk to the class with no ‘props’

If your child would like to bring or share something, please send it in to school any day over the next fortnight and we will use these to enhance our discussions.

There is no obligation to share anything, only if your child would like to do so.

Have a great weekend,

Miss Croal