Buckstone Primary School, P1 Master Minds - Mrs Bailey & Mrs Munro

Primary 1M, Reflective Friday 11.11.22

Hello everyone, this is what we have been learning this week:


In our groups we have been learning the number bonds to 10 – looking at the numbers which make 10. We used different coloured  cubes to make towers, painted dots using two different colours and drew spots on ladybirds to show our understanding.

We practised forming the numbers 3 and 4.

Here are some examples of our learning:


This week we introduced the sounds g and f. We thought of words beginning with those sounds and learned songs and actions to help us remember them. In small groups we used magnetic letters to try to blend sounds together to read and build words.

Our two new tricky words were me and is .


One of the children suggested visiting Fairyland  as we were talking about the sound f. We discussed what Fairyland would be like and what we might do there. We drew pictures to show our adventures. We told our teacher what was happening in our story, and we tried to write some of the words ourselves.


Please use the blue letter cards you have collected so far to practise blending and building words. Please help your child to read and write the tricky words.


We are learning to throw and catch a ball. We practised throwing the ball in the air and bouncing the ball on the floor. We are trying to keep our eyes on the ball and have our hands ready. We tried throwing the ball to a partner which was quite tricky, but we spoke about practising to help us get  better at this skill.


We have started to learn some of the songs for our Nativity.


We have started learning about people who help us. Thanks to all parents who have offered to come in to Primary One to tell us about their jobs.


We designed Christmas cards which parents will have a chance to buy later in the term.


We have been discussing the learning taking place in the different areas of the classroom and one of the children suggested that they are learning to work as part of a team when they are playing. Here are some fantastic examples of teamwork.


Primary One will have loose parts play on the afternoon of Wednesday 16 November. Please can you make sure your child has suitable clothing for this.

Enjoy the weekend everyone.