P2 Magical Nurses Mrs McFarlane and Mrs Nicholson

P2MN Blog 4.11.22

It was lovely to see so many of you at our drop in session this morning. I hope that you enjoyed spending time with the class.


There is an update to PE days for P2. From Monday 7th November, the days will be as follows:

P2D Monday and Tuesday

P2M Wednesday and Friday

Here is a summary of our learning this week.


In literacy we have been learning the digraph sounds ou (found, loud, count) and ow (cow, owl, howl). We have used the following image to help us to remember the sound.

We particularly enjoyed making owls to link to both our IDL topic and the ow sound in phonics.

In writing we wrote about the story of Jonah and the whale. Our focus was on the beginning, middle and end structure of a story.

Ideas for learning at home:

  • Your child should continue to work on the word wall related to the stage they are reading. They should become confident in reading these words.  Remember that they should recognise these words by sight. 
  • An idea to practise spelling words with ou and ow is to play hangman.
  • Handwriting. Here is a useful website which has animations to show how to correctly form each letter. Please note that the f and z that we use are in the ‘alternative / non scheme letters’ section.

Continuous Cursive letter choice 1 beginners (teachhandwriting.co.uk)

  • Continue to practise reading and spelling the tricky words.  An idea is to play snap. Use 2 sets of cards with the words. Lay out a large piece of paper and a pen in the middle of the table. When the words match, rather than saying the word to win the cards, you have to grab the pen and write the word to win the cards.  


We have been counting in 2s and 10s as well as developing our addition skills.

Here are two games to reinforce these skills.

Duck Shoot – tablet friendly (ictgames.com)

Hit the Button – Quick fire maths practise for 6-11 year olds (topmarks.co.uk) (Select number bonds and then the range most appropriate.)

We have also been learning about symmetry. You may find this game useful to use at home.

Symmetry Sorting Game – Sort symmetrical and non-symmetrical images (topmarks.co.uk)

You could also practise making symmetrical models with lego or other building bricks. Or even making symmetrical pictures of funny faces or patterns using small objects from around the house.

Other Curricular Areas

  • We have been learning about whales and owls and how both are specially adapted to living in their habitat.
  • In RME we learned about the story of Jonah and the whale.
  • Our PE lessons focussed on a range of skills: underarm throw, speed and agility and dribbling a football. We also incorporated number work into our stations!

Here are a selection of photos from this week.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs McFarlane