P2 Magical Nurses Mrs McFarlane and Mrs Nicholson

P2M Blog Post 25.11.22

Here is a summary of our learning.


In phonics we have continued to learn about magic e. The magic ‘e’ rule, sometimes known as silent ‘e’, is where the ‘e’ at the end of a word is silent but changes the way that the word is spoken. This happens when ‘e’ is the second letter in a split digraph with another vowel sound, such as in the word ‘kite. The ‘i’ says its name rather than its sound (/ˈiː/).  

This week we have focussed on the ‘long i’ sound with ‘magic e’ (e.g. kite, hike, time, slide, shine). We know that in these words the letter ‘i’ says its name rather than its sound.

Another Alphablocks video clip which demonstrates this.  

In Spelling we are working on Block 4. Please continue to revise how to read and write the previous blocks. The children have been working on this in class so they should know in which block are they working at school.

In handwriting we have worked on the formation of letters g and d in cursive.

At home:

  • Try to find examples of magic e words in print around the house or on signs when you are out and about.   
  • Write out the words kit, Tim, pin. Ask your child to read the base word. Then draw a magic e on to the end of the word and ask your child to read the word again. Can they explain what has changed and why?  
  • Continue to practise Tricky Words Blocks 1-4 and ORT key words. An idea for working on tricky words could be to ask your child to do a dictation to you of the tricky words, she/he will read the words and you will write them and then swap roles (you could use flour or sand so your child can use the finger for writing rather than a pen or a pencil).
  • Handwriting. Here is a useful website which has animations to show how to correctly form each letter. Please note that the f and z that we use are in the ‘alternative / non scheme letters’ section.   



In Maths we have continued to learn about Probability.  This week we had an interesting chat about the World Cup using the vocabulary: impossible, unlikely, likely and certain.  We have some interesting predictions!

At home you could discuss these scenarios and ask your child which word they would choose to describe how likely it is that it will happen. 

  • I will go to the zoo tomorrow.
  • I will go to the zoo during the holidays.
  • I will go for a swim at the sea today.
  • I will go for a swim at the sea on my holidays.
  • etc.

In our number work we have been working on our addition skills. Thinking about which strategy we find useful when you are adding. There are 3 strategies below: 

  • Use concrete materials (such as beads or pasta) to make the sum and count the objects. 
  • Start on the big number (put it in your head) then count on. 
  • Use a number line or 100 square to start on the correct number then count on the correct number of times.  
  • Think about ten frames and try to visualise the numbers.

We use this website at school that will give you some choice depending on your child’s ability.


Other areas


We have been working on jumping skills and team games.


We have discussed the topic ‘People who are special to me’ and ‘When I have a question or a worry’. We talked about different people who look after us and who to speak to if we have a question or a worry. We loved the book ‘The huge bag of worries’


We have made a class Christmas tree to decorate the gym hall. We are so proud of our fantastic artwork!

Important Information

P2 have a session of loose parts on Wednesday 30th November (weather permitting). Please come with suitable clothes and footwear. It is not too late to send in a bag with a change of clothes to keep at school. Last time we had lots of soggy socks which were changed! Please remember to replace these if your child brought their spare ones home.

P2 are looking forward to visits from some helping professionals next week. We will be hearing from an anaesthetist and two scientists who are involved in developing medicines and treatment to make people feel better. In preparation for this, we are asking the children to think about some questions that they could ask. For example, you might ask ‘What is your favourite part of your job?’. Please bring questions in at the start of the week.  

We are also hoping to make our own Christmas tree for the classroom. This is the kind of thing we are aiming to make! If you have any boxes at home which we could use, please send them in on Monday. 

Thank you in advance!

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs McFarlane