Buckstone Primary School, P1 Master Minds - Mrs Bailey & Mrs Munro

P1M Reflective Friday 2.12.22

Hello everyone, this is what we have been learning this week:


This week we have continued to look at pattern. The children have used shapes, colours, and pegs to continue and create patterns. We have looked at patterns around us.


This week we introduced the sounds k and ck.  We thought of words beginning with those sounds and learned songs and actions to help us remember them. In small groups we used magnetic letters to try to blend sounds together to read and build words.

Our two new tricky words are saw and no.

Please use the blue letter cards you have collected so far to practise blending and building words. Please help your child to read and write the tricky words.

These will be the last sounds we will be learning this term as we focus on Nativity and Christmas activities.


We were given part of the Christmas story to illustrate for our windows. We spoke about the story in our groups and drew pictures to show the story.


We spoke about what we enjoyed playing with in Primary One and what we are learning when we play. We drew pictures for our Learning Stories.

We also discussed kindness and how important it is to treat everyone kindly. We watched a short film which showed some creatures who were being unkind .


We learned that this is a special day for Scottish people and some of us drew a Saltire and designed our own tartan.


We had a very interesting visit from a parent who told us all about his job as a train engineer. The children were able to ask lots of questions and everyone received a gift from Hitachi – these are in your child’s purple folder.

Here is a selection of photographs from our learning this week.


Some of us were digging rivers and others were creating a café. Have a look at the photographs.


The children have been practising very hard this week. We are trying to  remember our words and when to say them and to sing the songs loudly in a big space. We are looking forward to showing our families and the rest of the school next week.


If anyone has any spare pants(boys and girls), socks and tights,  could you please donate them to our class box- thank you very much in advance. (With the wet and muddy weather lots of the children need to change after break and lunch).

Enjoy the weekend everyone.