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P1W reflective Friday 9.12.22

Our box wrapping activity last week was very popular – many thanks for the generous donation of a brand new roll of paper. We would still welcome any donations of surplus Christmas wrapping paper/ribbon and small empty cardboard boxes for wrapping in order to allow more children opportunity to access this activity, but please don’t shop especially – unwanted leftovers are absolutely fine.

Many thanks


Our main focus this week was our presentation of the story of the Nativity. The children worked so hard to learn their lines, songs and actions. We performed to an audience 5 times in total, one to the nursery, twice to classes from the school and then twice to parents. We very much hope you enjoyed it.

I’m happy to say that almost all children in the class were very proficient at dressing themselves and changing into their costumes, and folding their clothes neatly. We only have two extra items of unclaimed costume. One vest and one white tshirt. If your child is missing one of these please come to the door to collect or send a message and I can pop it in a purple folder.

Independent learning



This week we have been revising all of the block one tricky words

This week’s homework sheet includes all of these words. We would like all pupils to be confident in their recognition and spelling of these words by the end of term. We will be continuing to focus on these in class for the next two weeks and would appreciate your support with spelling practise at home..

Tricky words are words which we cannot sound out phonetically so we need to learn them by heart. We would like the children to learn to write these words from memory as well as being able to recognise and read them by sight. Use the” Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check” strategy ( this should be self explanatory, but if you have any questions about this approach, please ask)

Numeracy and Maths

This week we have been exploring how 10 and a single digit number can stack together to make a teens number. We noticed that the single digit number replaces the zero in the number ten. You may wish to use this website which we have been using in class to support this learning. This understanding will help us to quickly complete mental addition of the following sums. Please practice this at home

10 + 1=

10 + 2=

10 + 3=

10 + 4 =

etc ( but not in order!)

Other areas of the curriculum.

We collected sticks in the playground, exploring length and thickness and making measurement comparisons. We then used them to create some Christmas artwork.

This week’s homework and other information

  • Learn Block one tricky words.
  • help an adult to wrap a parcel.
  • Practise those tricky zips.

A reminder to please name all items of clothing and shoes, and to check names on items brought home in case your child accidentally acquires a jumper belonging to someone else.