Buckstone Primary School, P1 Master Minds - Mrs Bailey & Mrs Munro

P1M Reflective Friday 3.2.23


It was lovely to see so many parents on Wednesday morning. The children were very excited about sharing their classroom and their learning. Thank you to everyone who was able to attend.

This week we have been learning:


 We have been counting backwards, starting, and ending at different numbers. Some of us were recognising numerals to 30 and some of us were trying to recognise domino patterns really quickly. Some groups were practising holding a number in their head while adding another group of objects to that number. We also practised counting arhythmic claps.


We went into our playground to record the different types of birds we could see. We took photos to help us identify them later. We used this information to create a pictogram showing the number and the variety of birds we had seen. We then went on to  create a pictogram displaying the different eye colours in our class.


This week we introduced the sound ee. We thought of words containing this sound and matched words to pictures, writing some words ourselves.

This week’s dictation included the tricky words we have been revising this week: I, the, to, he, me, is. We also included some words which had the ee sound in them.

We use Pink for Think and Green for Great to reflect on our learning.

We have been enjoying reading the Biff, Chip and Kipper books in our literacy groups. We are beginning to develop comprehension skills, trying to decode words, and are encouraging the children to think about the story and predict what might happen next.

We talked about what we had done after school, the day before and then drew a picture a wrote a sentence about it.


Ask your child to explain what a pictogram is.

You could help your child to create a pictogram of toys or objects you have in the home.

Please cut out the flashcards your child has brought home today and use them to help your child to recognise the sounds and build words.

We are revising the Block 1 tricky words in class. These words can be quite challenging for the children to remember. Please continue to help your child to revise recognition and spelling of these words using the -look, say, cover, write check strategy. This week we focused on I, the, to, he, me, is.

Please continue to practise the words on the reading vocabulary card,  a few words at a time.


 We learnt to sing Three Craws and Aly Bally Bee.

We created bees using lolly sticks, card, and googly eyes.


We used the steps and movements we have been learning since the start of term to create our own Scottish dances with a partner. We used Scottish music to dance to and some of us showed our dances to the rest of the class.


We attended a P1 assembly where we were introduced to our new Building resilience unit – Have a Goal. We discussed what we would like to achieve or learn to do and drew a picture.


Instead of Loose Parts on Friday 10.2.23, we will be going for a walk in the woods beside the playground.

Have a lovely weekend.