Buckstone Primary School, P1 Master Minds - Mrs Bailey & Mrs Munro

Primary 1 Master Minds w.b. 20.2.23

This week in P1 Master Minds:


We learnt the new sound ‘sh’ this week. We read words and wrote words using this sound. We also read and wrote the tricky words we have been learning so far.

We have been working on our reading skills and have started taking our reading books home. Some of us said we felt happy when we were reading our books to people at home.

In writing, we made up stories about what we saw inside a shed. This helped us to use our new ‘sh’ sound.

We practised forming the letters g, y, p and q as well as beginning to look at the capital letters A, B and C.

At home: share your reading book with someone at home and talk about what is happening in the story or how the characters are feeling at different points.

Keep practising reading and building words using the sounds that we have learned so far. A sheet with the ‘sh’ flashcard was sent home today.


In maths this week, we continued our learning on data handling and created a block graph using the results of our survey about new play areas we would like in the classroom.

We have also been working on our numeracy skills and some of us have started doing a bit more thinking around sequences of numbers backwards within 30.

At home: Practise counting backwards within 30 from different starting points.

Other Areas of the Curriculum

We wanted to know what it looked like inside Edinburgh Castle. We watched a short film. We found the Crown Jewels interesting and the fact that there were several items and not just one large jewel. The armour and the different paintings on the walls were also interesting.

We drew a picture of the castle along with someone who might have been there in the past and someone who might be there in the present day.

In PE we have begun a block of gymnastics. We performed one, two, three, four and five point balances. We also thought about and made different shapes using our arms and legs.

Some of us said we found the one point balance quite tricky.

Loose Parts Play

We were outside for Loose Parts Play on Thursday:

‘I enjoyed doing a cafe.’

‘We did a competition about who can make the biggest sandcastle and biggest piles.’

Next week: As you may be aware, it is World Book Day on Thursday. We are not dressing up this year, but if you would like to do so, bring your favourite book to school on Thursday to show the rest of the class.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!