Buckstone Primary School, P1 Master Minds - Mrs Bailey & Mrs Munro

Primary 1M Reflective Friday 3.3.23

Hello everyone,

This week we have been learning:


We started talking about money and watched a video which introduced British currency. In small groups we examined coins more closely and talked about the shape, colour, size, and value of the different coins. We discussed the fact that there are no coins with the value of 3p and 4p for example,  and that we have to make amounts in different ways.


Have a look at the coins you have around the house and help your child to identify them.  In school we have been discussing the fact that the biggest coin is not always worth the most. We will be continuing to learn about money next week and some of us will be using coins to make different amounts of money.


This week we introduced the sound ch. We thought of words starting and ending with this sound and practised reading and writing these words. We made paper chains in the class.

This week’s dictation practised these words as well as the tricky words: the, put, I.

We use Pink for Think and Green for Great to reflect on our learning.

We were learning to recognise and write the capital letters: D E F G H I


Please cut out the flashcard your child has brought home today and use it to help your child to recognise the sounds and build words.

Please continue to practise the words on the reading vocabulary card,  a few words at a time.


Thank you to everyone who brought in some of their favourite books to share with the class. We only had time to read one of them as the first one we chose was a particularly long one- but very enjoyable. If you would like to bring the books in again, we will read them over the coming weeks. It was lovely to see a mixture of fiction and nonfiction books among the selection.

Primary 6 buddies came to read to us, and the children shared the books they had brought in with them.


We have been using our bodies to make different shapes and have been balancing using different parts of our bodies.


We have been learning to say good morning, how are you? in French and we have started to learn the words for numbers to 10. We also revised the colour words we know.

Rouge – red

Blanc- white

Noir – black

Bleu- blue

Vert- green

Jaune- yellow