P1 Bright Sparks - Miss Croal

P1B Reflective Friday 10.3.23

Good afternoon.


This week, we learned the ‘th’ sound. This is a really tricky sound to say and hear! We have to be rude (!) and stick our tongue out and put our teeth on top of our tongue. We read The Cat in the Hat and made our own Things. For writing this week, Thing 1 and Thing 2 sent us a letter asking us to design a new bath for them! Our starter was ‘My bath is…’. We had gold baths, two-storey baths, hot tubs and rainbow baths!

We enjoyed another new reading book this week that we took home on Thursday. Please remember to return this book on Monday! This week, we also started our Block 2 tricky words with ‘go’ and ‘said’. We all did a fantastic job of writing ‘go’ during dictation, but we need to do more practise of writing ‘said’. We have been chanting ‘s-a-i-d said!’.

writing with Mrs Imrie in the salon in the background!
finding the ‘th’ things in Things’ bath!

Maths and numeracy

This week, we continued with our money topic. We worked on adding coins, usually up to the value of 20p. We need to remember that we count a 2p twice because it has 2 1ps in it, and we always start counting from the coin that has the most value. 

Other Areas

This week, we continued with our gymnastics block in PE. We had a station rotation in the hall with upside down benches for balancing, benches and mats for landing practice, mats for balancing on one leg and a bench leading up to the big box that we jumped off (onto a crash mat!).  We worked on landing safely on two feet with our knees bent.  On Thursday, we continued with Creative Dance with Mrs Conlin, focusing on changing our move when we heard a change in the music. With Mrs Conlin, we also talked about personal space yes/no as part of our RSHP topic this term.

Our hairdressing salon/barber was very popular this week. Mrs Imrie even came for a hair appointment! In this area, we’ve seen appointment bookings, customer service calls, sharing and some fantastic hairstyles. We also had a fantastic sunny Loose Parts session on Wednesday afternoon.

choosing to play teachers and teach our new tricky words!
using the small bricks to make a village!

Our reporter on Monday took some nice photos of a typical morning in P1B!

To do at home

Numeracy: recognising the numbers 1-30, counting backwards from 20 or 30, writing the ‘teen’ numbers with the 1 first and remember it’s ‘teen’ not ‘ty’, counting on with our fingers, number bonds to 10

Maths: naming 3D objects, recognising symmetrical shapes/structures, using tally marks to count items/collect data, recognising coins, which coin is worth more?, adding 1-10p coins together

Literacy: being able to write our tricky words, confidence in blending when reading books, being able to write (as well as recognise) all of our sounds we have covered (A-Z with q as qu, ck, ee, oo, sh, ch and th.)

General: being able to take off jumpers and zip up coats.

General Information

Any donations of empty shampoo bottles for a little product shop (or hairdressing gowns if we have any hairdressers!) would be most welcome for our hairdressing area.

Keep all the junk coming in – it’s amazing how quickly we run out!

We have Loose Parts on Friday next week.

Have a great weekend,

Miss Croal