P2 Different Dashes - Mrs DeBonrostro

P2D Reflective Friday 10.03.23

Dear Parents/Carers,

We hope that you had a lovely week.

We have had a few children bringing in toys and jewellery from home. We do not want any toys to get lost or damaged so please do not allow your child to bring these in. Whilst friendship bracelets / necklaces are given out with kind intentions, this can lead to upset when others are left out. We would really appreciate if these items could be left at home as they are more suitable for playdates rather than school. Thank you for your cooperation with this.

Here is a summary of our learning.


We have continued to work on compound words (e.g. cupcake, football, starfish).  As part of this, we have been clapping and counting syllables in words.

The tricky words this week are those, buy and first.

In writing we retold the story of A Squash and a Squeeze. We had to order the events and retell it.

Ideas for home:

Write some simple sentences and ask your child if they can identify the compound word within it. For example:

  • I like my bedroom.
  • I want a skateboard.

Ask your child to count the number of syllables in familiar words. Can they work out how many syllables are in the name of each family member? What about their favourite foods? You can clap or alternatively, hold your hand under your chin to count the number of syllables if finding it tricky.

Reading books were sent home yesterday. Please also work on the coloured key word walls which will help with fluency when reading aloud. Please note that due to the show next week, we will give reading books home on Friday rather than Thursday.


We have been learning to name 3D shapes: cube, cuboid, sphere, cylinder and cone. We talked about edges, faces and corners/vertices.

In our number work we have been practising our subtraction skills. We have also been working on saying the number before and the number after. Some of us are doing this within the range 0-30, some 30-100 and some beyond.

Ideas for home:

Play a game of true or false. Write down 10 sums. Some of them should be correct and some of them should be incorrect. Can your child use their subtraction skills to work out which ones are which? The children love spotting when the teacher makes a mistake on the board so this can be a fun game to play at home. 

If you have chalk at home, you could write a 2 digit number on your garden path. Can your child write the number before and the number after? You can make it more tricky by crossing a decade. For example, with 80 in the middle, can they say the number before?

Other areas of the curriculum

  • We have been very busy with rehearsals for our P2 show. We can’t wait to perform it for you next week!
  • We enjoyed a session of loose parts on Tuesday afternoon in the sunshine.
  • We have continued to work on the ‘Have a Goal’ unit as part of Health and Wellbeing.

Have a great weekend.

Mrs de Bonrostro