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P2M Blog 17.03.23

What a week we had!

The show kept us extremely busy. We practised and performed in front of P3, P1 and, of course, in front of you parents/carers! We hope you had a great time and you enjoyed it as much as we did.

All children did an amazing job. We are very proud of them!

Here is a summary of our learning:


This week we have continued our work on compound words and reinforced the syllable concept.

Our tricky words this week are idea, answer and usual.

On Wednesday both classes worked together at spelling time. Please continue to practise how to read and write spelling words at home. Your child should know which block they are working on at school. It would be very helpful if you work on the same block at home as well as revising previous blocks.

In writing we worked on retelling the story of the Gingerbread man. We are working hard on using past tenses and using beginning, middle and end structure.

Ideas to do at home

  • Ask your child to think about compound words and write them. Cut them and try to mix with other words and see which other compound words they can make.
  • Ask your child to count the number of syllables in familiar words. Can they work out how many syllables are in the name of each family member? What about their favourite foods? You can clap or alternatively, hold your hand under your chin to count the number of syllables if finding it tricky. Clap the syllables.
  • Reading books were sent home today.


We have continued to work on 3D objects names and properties.

We also have worked on numeracy skills such as addition and subtraction. If you wish, use your Sumdog account to revise these skills.

Ideas to do at home

  • Choose a 3D shape and ask your child to find as many objects as possible with that shape in a given time.
  • With everyday objects explore how the number of faces, edges and corners/vertices.
  • Use last week’s maths grids.

Other areas

As mentioned above our main focus has been the show.

In PE we have worked on gymnastics.


  • Please remember that next week we have Parents Consultations on Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Loose parts on Monday.

The children have shown great creativity this week with the Kapla resource. Here are a couple of their wonderful creations.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs McFarlane

Mrs McFarlane