Buckstone Primary School, P1 Master Minds - Mrs Bailey & Mrs Munro

P1M Reflective Friday 31.3.23

Hello everyone,


This week we have been learning to understand and correctly use the language of position and direction, including in front, behind, above, below, left, right, forwards and backwards. We used the Bee Bot app on the iPads to programme directions as well as taking turns to direct the Bee Bots.


We continued to learn about consonants that go together at the end of words to make a particular sound and this week our focus was on ft and nt. Our tricky words were were and there.

This week’s dictation practised the sounds we have been learning over the last few weeks.

We use Pink for Think and Green for Great to reflect on our learning.

Our writing prompt this week was – She left the shop and ………………………………………


Please cut out the flashcards your child has brought home today and use it to help your child to recognise the sounds and build words.

Please continue to practise the words on the reading vocabulary card,  a few words at a time and share the reading book your child has brought home.


We were completing circuits to practise the skills we have been learning in gymnastics. We also played lots of running games to make our lungs and our hearts work hard!


We were talking about  pregnancy and read the book ‘Before You Were Born’. We discussed what a baby needs to grow and develop and were very lucky to have a visit from Lindsay with baby Maverick. Maverick was a star for the whole visit and Lindsay was asked all sorts of questions!


We learnt to say joyeuses Paques, which means happy Easter.


We watched a short film about the Easter story and talked about why Easter is a special time for Christians.


We enjoyed playing with our friends across the stage at Loose Parts on Thursday. Some of our activities were: making cakes, playing baby foxes, making a bed, making a waterfall, making a car, making potions, babies and daddies. Our next day for Loose Parts is Thursday 20 April.

Some examples of the children’s learning through play from the last two weeks.

We hope that you all have a lovely Easter break.