P2 Different Dashes - Mrs DeBonrostro

P2 Reflective Friday 31.03.23

Dear Parents / Carers

We hope you had a lovely week.

The children took home yesterday their indoor shoes and the bag with the change of clothes. This is an opportunity for you to check if the items still fit your child. Please label all items (even the change of clothes) as we have some unclaimed items that aren’t labelled and the children don’t recognise them.

Here is a summary of our learning.


We have revisited a range of number skills covered this term and worked on 3D shape.

Home learning ideas

Here are some activities you could do at home to reinforce these skills.  

  • Remember you also have your SumDog log in details.
  • Practice sharing equally: give the same number of items (stones, pompons, etc.) to a number of people/ toys. E.g.: have 15 pompons and share it fairly/equally between three dinosaurs/ cars. With 8 pompons see how many groups of 2 pompons you can make.
  • Practice adding and subtracting within 10 / 20/100 (with out carrying unless your child has done this at school, you would have been told at parents evening). Make sure your child adds/subtracts first the units and then the tens.


This week we had a special focus on comprehension skills, summarising a text and spelling.

The text that we have been working on is Goldilocks and the three bears. Our writing focus was doing a recount of this well-known story. We are working hard on using the past tense as well as making a beginning, middle and end structure. 

At handwriting we have practiced our spelling words in cursive.

This week we will be not send reading books sent home because next week will be the Easter holiday. 

Home learning ideas

At parent consultations we gave you a copy of the tricky words (spelling) that your child is working on in class. Please practise spelling these at home.  You could use pavement chalk, paints or simply a pencil and paper to do the Look, Cover, Write, Check method.   

Please continue to practice reading at home. If possible, read to your child this will help to increase their vocabulary and you will be able to model reading.

Your child could help you to write the shopping list, write letters/postcards to relatives, etc.

Other areas


We have worked on team games with a focus on speed. We had our gymnastics session with a focus on landing, jumping and pencil rolls. We had an amazing time and we were able to give feedback to each other. It was great to see the children looking at each other and giving positive feedback and things to improve in a polite way.

Outdoors we have done some Easter activities we looked for hidden carrots ( a challenge from P3!) and we made nests using twigs.

We had a brilliant time meeting online P1/ 2 class from Sgoil Dhalabroig which is a primary school in South Uist. We asked questions to each other about life in an island and life in Edinburgh, they taught us how to count to five in Gaelic and we sang to each other. They were fifteen children in the class and we are nearly 60! It was a lovely experience for us all!

Home learning ideas

Enjoy your time with your children: go for walks, read stories, play board games, cook together, …have fun!

You may have seen members of staff and myself out running after school over the last few months! This is why:

The Bucks (Mr Campbell, Miss Davidson, Ms Hastie and Mrs Cullen) and The Stones (Mrs de Bonrostro, Ms Dowds, Mrs Tweedie and Mrs Imrie) are challenging themselves to run the Edinburgh Marathon Relay on Sunday 29 May in support of Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland.

We really appreciate all the support and encouragement the school community have given us whilst we are out running – this is really helping us to keep going!

If you’d like to find out more about our fundraising, please visit our JustGiving Page

Thanks for all your support and encouragement!

Have a relaxing break!

Mrs de Bonrostro