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P1W reflective Friday 21. 4.23

If you have not yet done so this term, pease send a full change of clothes for your child. Thanks.

This week’s homework

  • Learn to read and spell the words some, come
  • Look around the house for different ways to tell the time. Cooker clocks, phones, watches, analogue wall clocks etc. Practice reading the time to the whole hour ( o’clock times)
  • Learn the order of the days of the week and be able to answer questions such as ‘ Which day comes after…… ?’

Independent learning

The children have been developing a wide range of skills through independent learning opportunities in class and outdoors..


This week we have introduced the final consonant blends ng and nk, and learned the tricky words some and come

Our writing prompt this week was “Bang went the…. ”

We continue to use core reading book resources in school as we begin to develop developing the children’s reading comprehension skills, exploring the cognitive strategies of activating, inferring, monitoring/clarifying, questioning, searching/selecting, summarizing, and visualising.

Maths and numeracy

We have been learning about time.

Key vocabulary included; the days of the week, tomorrow, yesterday, morning, afternoon, evening, clock face, hands, o’clock.

Some pupils still find it tricky to order the days of the week and to answer questions such as ‘which day comes after/before….etc’ Please help your child at home to reinforce this learning.


Looking ahead to next week

No loose parts next week.

Visit from Generation Science on Wednesday.

School photos on Wednesday

Other areas of the curriculum

The mobile Library came on Tuesday. We got to choose a book to keep in class for 6 weeks.

In PE we worked on our fitness and team work.

The sun was shining when we had loose parts play.

We learned about the celebration of Eid

We used ink to make some cherry blossom trees. Spring is definitely here.

A reminder to please name all items of clothing and shoes, and to check names on items brought home in case your child accidentally acquires a jumper belonging to someone else.