Buckstone Primary School, P1 Master Minds - Mrs Bailey & Mrs Munro

P1M Reflective Friday 5.5.23

Hello everyone,


This week we have been practising our numeracy skills. We were counting forwards to 30 (some of us to 50), starting at different numbers and backwards from 20. We said the number which comes after a number and put numerals in the correct order. We practised our adding skills, writing the calculations out using the correct symbols.


We are continuing to learn about time so please continue to  talk to your child about the days of the week and practise saying them in the correct sequence. Have a look around your home for examples of digital and analogue clocks and discuss before, after, o’clock, hour hand and minute hand.


This week we revised the sounds ch th wh  sh and the tricky words said and we.

This week’s dictation practised the sounds we have been revising this week.

We use Pink for Think and Green for Great to reflect on our learning.

This week we were writing about what we would do if we were king or queen. Many of the children wrote about looking after animals and being kind and some of us just wanted to wear a big crown!


There is no new homework this week, please continue to revise the sounds already given out and build words with them.

Please continue to practise the words on the reading vocabulary card,  a few words at a time and share the reading book your child has brought home.


This week we were practising some activities for our Sports Day on the 10th of May. We were running relay races, throwing bean bags in hoops, and balancing balls on spoons.

Some examples of our learning through play. It has been amazing to see the children creating their own stories at the writing and drawing tables and making books of their own.


 The next day for Loose Parts is  Wednesday 17 May.

We hope that you all have a lovely weekend.

(Any donations of boxes of tissues gratefully received- thanks so much to everyone who has sent a box in).