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P1B Reflective Friday 26.5.23

Listening and Talking Presentation/Talk – My Favourite Place – ready for Monday!!!

As part of our literacy learning, we would like each learner to deliver a talk about their favourite place. This could be anywhere – perhaps the park, a holiday destination or even your bedroom! Talks should last no more than two minutes, and learners can bring in up to 3 things to show during the presentation if they wish to do so. We won’t be using powerpoints/technology to deliver our talks. Please ensure it is a prepared talk rather than reading from a ‘script’. Bullet points/pictures as prompts would be fine! We will begin to hear the Bright Sparks’ talks on Monday 29thMay, so please have them ready for then. Thank you and I look forward to hearing all about the favourite places!

Good afternoon P1B!


This week, we focussed on initial blends starting with s for example ‘st’, ‘sl’, ‘sm’ and ‘sn’.We spent time practising writing some words that start with these blends. We had tubs of different smells in the classroom, and we had to guess what they were! During our writing time, we reflected on something we enjoyed in P1 and something we are looking forward to in P2. We learned 2 new tricky words – one and you. Please continue to practise writing the tricky words at home!

Maths and numeracy

This week, we focused on partitioning numbers. Some of us thought about different ways of making numbers 1-10, and some of us started to partition two-digit numbers into tens and units.

Other Areas

This week, we continued with our electricity topic. We talked about how to stay safe, things we should do around electricity and things we shouldn’t do. We made an amazing display that show visitors to our classroom how to stay safe. In the nice weather, we opened up the courtyard as a play zone and had lots of teamwork, problem solving and motor skills.

To do at home


Numeracy: recognising the numbers 1-100, counting backwards from 30, writing the ‘teen’ numbers with the 1 first and remember it’s ‘teen’ not ‘ty’, counting on with our fingers, number bonds to 10

Maths: adding 1-10p coins together, left and right, telling the time on an analogue clock (o’clock and half past)

Literacy: being able to write our tricky words, recognising and writing the digraph sh, ch, th and wh.

General: being able to take off jumpers, open snacks and zip up coats.

General Information

Keep all the junk coming in – it’s amazing how quickly we run out!

Loose parts on Monday!

Thank you for your support and enjoy your weekend!

Miss Croal