P2 Different Dashes - Mrs DeBonrostro

P2D Reflective Friday 26.05.23

P2 Reflective Friday 26.05.23

Dear Parents/Carers,

We hope you had a nice week.

This is a summary of our learning:


We have explored measurement related to height and length. We have used non-standard and standard units to measure; we have learned how to use a ruler and measure in centimetres.

We have practiced subtraction skills.

You can practice subtraction at home using this website:



At writing we have continued our focus on Poetry. We have written a diamante poem: cat to dog. We are learning what is an adjective (describing word), a verb (doing word) and a name.

At phonics we have been learning to add -ing to words that end with an e. If a word ends in ‘e’, drop the ‘e’ when adding ‘-ing’: fake / faking, slide/ sliding, etc. The first vowel is always long (says its name) because there is only 1 consonant to separate the vowels. There is only 1 guard!

On handwriting we have continued to work on writing capital letters and cursive lower-case letters.

We have been learning to read these tricky words: complete, family, area and question. Please continue to practice at home the tricky words (children are aware in which block they are working at the moment).  Every week we mix the classes and we have groups based on the block of tricky words the children are working on; this has been very motivating for the children as they work hard to move up a block. Practicing at home makes a huge difference!

Other areas

We had Loose Parts on Tuesday afternoon. It is great to see how the children are building more complex structures and  how the work as a team.

Science: we have learned about our senses; We have explored my senses and discussed their reliability and limitations in responding to the environment. We have discuss how we can use our senses to detect information and explained how they help to keep people safe.

RSHP: We have been learning about Privacy and the PANTS rule.

As you know on Sunday I will be taking part on the Edinburgh Marathon Relay with Mrs Imrie, Miss Dowds, Mrs Tweedie, Mr Campbell, Ms Hastie and Miss Davidson. I will be running the first leg for the Stones team: The Royal Leg! Thank you to all of you for your support!


We are proud of our learning!

We hope you have a nice weekend and enjoy the Summer Fair !

Mrs de Bonrostro